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Auld Lang Syne

December 31, 2009

It was a sultry and soggy-bottomed start to the ‘tweens’ for us here in Melbourne.

After another melting-hot day, this great storm swept in from the south-west about 8.45pm, and nature turned on a sound and light show that was better than fireworks, and the rain was monsoonal!  And it kept raining, finally stopping well after midnight and the Full Blue Moon glimmered through the cloud cover for a moment.

Everything is sparkling and refreshed after the solid soaking and there were plenty of fireworks going off in my area, so spirits weren’t dampened at all. 

Melbourne is internationally known as the city that has ‘four seasons in one day’, and as one of my favourite comedians, Billy Connelly, once quipped:

There is no such thing as bad weather; just the wrong clothes.


New Year’s Eve Day Sabian Symbol

December 31, 2009

Silver Pied Pen & Dark Throated pheasants - Mouse Creek Feather Farm

Capricorn 11: A large group of pheasants


Illimitable (adjective) – incapable of being limited or bounded; measureless – “the illimitable reaches of space and time”.  Synonyms: Vast, infinite, unbounded, boundless.  Antonym: Finite.

I grok the original Sabian Symbols and the quirky insights I receive from the uncomplicated connection of the words and an image.  Out of all the images of a group of pheasants available, I chose this one: a group of pheasants in a cage, in lock-up.

How many New Year’s Eve revellers will be spending the first day of 2010 in custody for drunken and inappropriate behaviour that has gone beyond the bounds of social acceptability, do you think?

The opposing Sabian Symbol is Cancer 11: A clown making grimaces.

Take heed: clowning around and strutting your walk tonight just might see you ending up as a feather duster in the morning.  There are no limits to your potential.

May the temple of your living flesh
Be worthy of your high desire;
May your worldly place in daily life
Bring recompense in rich degree;
May your happiness and state of heart
Endear you everywhere you go;
And may the spirit stirring deep within
Be ever conscious in your thoughts!

~ Marc Edmund Jones

Sabian Symbols in Imageshere you will find a visual interpretations of the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Starling.   A great resource for tuning into the symbols and unveiling the bespoke connection they hold for you. 


Bella Luna!

December 30, 2009

13th Path – Tiphareth to Kether

Spiritual Experience:

Vision of Harmony through Union with God

Life Path Keynote:

Glory of the Dark Night of the Soul

Primary Symbols:

Hebrew Letter:  Gimel  (camel)

Astrological Influence: Moon

Tarot Designation: High Priestess

Colors: Blue

Magical Gifts: Moon; bow and arrow; silver; the dog

Pathworking Benefits:

True knowledge; completion of work; true power of faith in the Divine; peace with oneself; giving birth to the Light within.

Strengths Achieved:

Faith; removal of barriers between worlds; resourcefulness; self-reliance; wealth of intuition; revelation of hidden

Weaknesses Revealed:

Self-made obstacles; unbalanced emotions; inability to see purpose; overdependence; conflict of being alone with being lonely; unreliance.

From “Secret Doors of the Qabala” – Ted Andrews





The path begins in the middle and stretches as far as the eye can see, beyond the desert, into the mountains in the south-east. From there it joins Interstate 10 and leaves it again about a quarter of a mile beyond the third rest stop.


For those of us who have lost their way, it is always possible to turn to the guidance of universal consciousness. In many traditions the heart symbolizes intuition of spiritual realities and the center of the cosmic soul.


Everything Old is New Again

December 30, 2009

What is enshrined on your mantle, hung from your rearview mirror, and what lies forgotten in the basement?

I stumbled upon this delicious question within the outline for the 2010 Mythological Toolbox (TM) Playshop; which is annual event held at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur each March.

Joseph Campbell has been my Main Man since I was first introduced to his Power of Myth series back in 1992.  At the time I was working with a spiritual healer –  who I now understand was a Shaman, although she didn’t title herself as such, and the descriptive was not in my vocabulary back then.  

But to tell this story of Joe and Me, I need to start at the beginning; although I do not know when the beginning actually began or if the beginning was the end of something less.

Christmas Day 1989, it is a sweltering hot day and I am alone in my car, waiting for the traffic lights to change at a busy intersection, enroute to my mother’s house to collect her to join me, my new husband and in-laws for Christmas lunch.

I am feeling somewhat out of sorts and stressed, and impatient for the lights to change when IT happened: the mother of all panic attacks and in one fell swoop, my life as I had known it changed.   I did not know if I was going to faint, vomit or lose control of my bowels and I was definitely not in a good place to be in control of a moving vehicle. 

 Geographically, I was half-way from my new marital home and half-way from my old childhood home. 

I was tempted to turn back; to return home. 

Twenty-two years later, I muse on which home I was thinking about; which home I should have returned to.  We live life forwards and understand it backwards so Christmas Day 1989, when the lights finally changed, I kangaroo-hopped out of the intersection and drove like a drunken bat out of Hell to my mother’s, zig-zagging down side-streets to avoid being stuck at more traffic-lights, crunching gears all the way, until I arrived at my mother’s and collapsed on her couch, breathless and scared shitless.

My mother was unsympathetic.  When I telephoned my new husband of 8 months, he was irritated.  I said to both that I just needed to collect myself before I could get back in the car and drive across to join the others. 

Indeed – I needed to collect myself; to retrieve the lost parts of my soul. Although that Christmas, back in 1989, I knew nothing of soul-retrieval. Was unaware that the  life I thought I was living had just ended in a spectacular fashion and there was another life waiting for me.

I spent the next 18 months in a fog of deep fear that manifested as Panic Disorder with Severe Agoraphobia and I had no idea why this had happened, only faith that IT had happened for a reason; and the resolution, for me, would not be found through conventional Western methods of psychotherapy or medicine.  I simply knew I had to stay away from anything that numbed and dumbed me down.  I don’t know how I knew; I just knew.  Don’t go there.

Long story short:  I am putting on my shoes after the third session with the aforementioned spiritual healer and she mentions that Radio National will be airing Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth series with Bill Moyers.  She urged me to listen to it.

“Who’s Joseph Campbell when he’s at home?” I asked.

“A very wise man”  she replied enigmatically.

I twiddled the dial to Radio National.

I listened.

My life as I had known it changed.

I have never looked back.

What lies forgotten in my basement? 

Snips and Snails and puppy-dog tales

The Unknown She – 27 Nov 2009

Image Credit: Violet Hour Muse 



Book of Hours

December 29, 2009


Southern Ring Nebula NGC 3132


I live my life in growing rings

which move out over the things around me.

Perhaps I’ll never complete the last,

 but that’s what I mean to try.

I’m circling around God, around the ancient tower,

and I’ve been circling thousands years;

and I still don’t know: am I a falcon, a storm

or a great song.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke



December 25, 2009

Industrious, strong and feminine.

The Queen Bee is in all women, reminding

us of our true strength and power.


About the Artist

Sharon McLeod explored many styles of self-taught art, growing up in Melbourne and has developed her talent into a mystical display of watercolours, pen and quill. Sharon draws on her beliefs in the Goddess to channel beautiful, esoteric, works of art.

To All who read my musings:

Merry Everything & Happy All Ways



On the Wings of an Egret

December 24, 2009