Who moved my drawbridge?

December 9, 2009

In his book, “The Road Less Travelled & Beyond”, dearly departed psychiatrist and writer M.Scott Peck talks about peoples ‘drawbridge problems’. He observes that many people simply are not aware that they are in charge of their own ‘drawbridge’. Some people lay open the ‘drawbridges’ of their lives all the time, so that anyone and everyone can amble into their personal space, prowl around, stay as long as they liked, and do whatever harm they would. Or other people fearing invasion would keep their ‘drawbridges’ raised and shut all of the time so that no-one and nothing could ever penetrate their isolated solitude’.

All of us live in a castle. Around the castle, there is a moat, and over the moat there is a drawbridge which we can lower open or raise shut, depending upon our will. (Peck, 1997, p. 189)

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