December 13, 2009

Freyja's Hen

Image credit: Violet Hour Muse

So I was thinking….and that is always a dangerous thing…about the world egg or cosmic egg theory.  Being an irreverent and, quite likely, an irrelevant Antipodean, I figured there would have to be an entity that laid this egg in the first place.

That led me to ponderations on critters that lay eggs: reptiles, birds and the platypus and which would have been the culprit. Making an executive decision, I have unilaterally decided, without so much as a ‘please’, ‘may I’ or ‘thank you’ that the layer of the Cosmic Egg was the…..drum roll…………COSMIC CHOOK.

I like this from the Finnish Kalevala

One egg’s lower half transformed
And became the earth below,
And its upper half transmuted
And became the sky above;
From the yolk the sun was made,
Light of day to shine upon us;
From the white the moon was formed,
Light of night to gleam above us;
All the colored brighter bits
Rose to be the stars of heaven
And the darker crumbs changed into
Clouds and cloudlets in the sky.

The Gods just like to have fun………sunny side up!

August 2011 Addendum

To the Vikings, the Pleiades were Freyja’s hens,and their name in many old European languages compares them to a hen with chicks


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  1. Well, the only thing I can possibly say to that is . . . buck . . . buck . . . buck EYE!!

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