The Honey and the Sting

December 17, 2009

"Draw my picture" - She said

Kuan Yin Oracle

72 The Honey and the Sting

Whoever hunts bees

for their honey

will feel their sting

from time to time.

The foundation of the Kuan Yin Oracle is a title and a short poem. Breaking with modern divinatory tradition, I am not going to provide the explanation/interpretation offered by Stephen Karcher.  I feel very strongly that we all being called upon to become more accountable and responsible for our own interpretations; to no longer rely as much on interpretations provided by others.

Of course there will always be New Seekers who will need instruction books that offer suggestions as to this meaning or that significance.  Personally, I feel that another person’s interpretation can be a hindrance in developing confidence and trust in your own guidance and in connecting with your own team of invisible helpers.

It is a fine line between empowering another and disempowering them through doing the thinking for them.  Everything bears a label or a name or a story that somebody else has allocated to it, that is descriptive of their connection – not yours.   Find your connection, cut out the middlemedium, discern the bespoke message that is for you alone and take the message for the masses with a grain of salt.

Or a spoonful of honey.



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  1. Oooo, you know I love the Bee Goddess and her honey magick! And I agree — the best guide to our own truth is always our own experience and understanding.

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