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December 30, 2009

13th Path – Tiphareth to Kether

Spiritual Experience:

Vision of Harmony through Union with God

Life Path Keynote:

Glory of the Dark Night of the Soul

Primary Symbols:

Hebrew Letter:  Gimel  (camel)

Astrological Influence: Moon

Tarot Designation: High Priestess

Colors: Blue

Magical Gifts: Moon; bow and arrow; silver; the dog

Pathworking Benefits:

True knowledge; completion of work; true power of faith in the Divine; peace with oneself; giving birth to the Light within.

Strengths Achieved:

Faith; removal of barriers between worlds; resourcefulness; self-reliance; wealth of intuition; revelation of hidden

Weaknesses Revealed:

Self-made obstacles; unbalanced emotions; inability to see purpose; overdependence; conflict of being alone with being lonely; unreliance.

From “Secret Doors of the Qabala” – Ted Andrews





The path begins in the middle and stretches as far as the eye can see, beyond the desert, into the mountains in the south-east. From there it joins Interstate 10 and leaves it again about a quarter of a mile beyond the third rest stop.


For those of us who have lost their way, it is always possible to turn to the guidance of universal consciousness. In many traditions the heart symbolizes intuition of spiritual realities and the center of the cosmic soul.



  1. Perfect, perfect, perfect! I officially elect you as my Muse. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. This made me think of the quotation from Antonio Machado: “Traveller, there is no path. The path is made by walking.” [paraphrased to the best of my recollection!]

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