New Year’s Eve Day Sabian Symbol

December 31, 2009

Silver Pied Pen & Dark Throated pheasants - Mouse Creek Feather Farm

Capricorn 11: A large group of pheasants


Illimitable (adjective) – incapable of being limited or bounded; measureless – “the illimitable reaches of space and time”.  Synonyms: Vast, infinite, unbounded, boundless.  Antonym: Finite.

I grok the original Sabian Symbols and the quirky insights I receive from the uncomplicated connection of the words and an image.  Out of all the images of a group of pheasants available, I chose this one: a group of pheasants in a cage, in lock-up.

How many New Year’s Eve revellers will be spending the first day of 2010 in custody for drunken and inappropriate behaviour that has gone beyond the bounds of social acceptability, do you think?

The opposing Sabian Symbol is Cancer 11: A clown making grimaces.

Take heed: clowning around and strutting your walk tonight just might see you ending up as a feather duster in the morning.  There are no limits to your potential.

May the temple of your living flesh
Be worthy of your high desire;
May your worldly place in daily life
Bring recompense in rich degree;
May your happiness and state of heart
Endear you everywhere you go;
And may the spirit stirring deep within
Be ever conscious in your thoughts!

~ Marc Edmund Jones

Sabian Symbols in Imageshere you will find a visual interpretations of the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Starling.   A great resource for tuning into the symbols and unveiling the bespoke connection they hold for you. 


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  1. Yes, try to stay out of jail on New Year’s Eve! Good advice.

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