The Curse of the Red Velour Jumper

January 10, 2010

So I was watching Star Trek: The Movie (2009), which got me thinking about the original Star Trek series and the snazzy velour jumpers they wore and how, back in the 70’s, I had a snazzy red velour jumper.

I thought I was the bee’s knees when I wore it. 

Then I found this…..

The Curse of the Red Velour Jumper

Explains a lot.



  1. Yes, the red uniform was an almost certain kiss of death EXCEPT for Scottie and Uhura. They were invincible!

  2. Well, they haven’t got you yet. You must’ve gotten rid of it just in time 😉

    (I had a turquoise & black top with a zippered jewel neckline. It looked amazing on me, but I got such flack for it looking “Star Trek” that I only ever wore it once. I’d wear the HELL out of it now!)

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