Goddess Guide Me

January 12, 2010

Head: Romi Kumu, Goddess of Willpower (think of Yourself).

Heart: Aphrodite, Goddess of Affection (feel Peaceful).

Home: T’ai Yuan, Goddess of Duality (listen to Others).

When I was a member of the Doubleday Bookclub, it was amazing the treasures I used to get via that rather mundane source.  Amy Zerner and Monte Farber’s Goddess Guide Me oracle was one of my very early acquisitions that referenced the goddess energies. 

It feels like I’ve had this oracle since the mid-80s yet notice that it wasn’t published until 1992, so I must have acquired it hot off the presses in about ’92 or ’93 then.  That is interesting because those were the years when I was really busting my butt to break through agoraphobia and engaged in a deep soul-diving process – except I didn’t know that at the time. 

The cool thing with this Oracle are the three 12-sided die, which are coloured plastic to represent purple amethyst, blue sapphire and smoky quartz.   Ya know, a 12-sided dice comes in pretty darn handy when you think about the 12 astro houses, 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 archetypes with Sacred Contracts. 

Admittedly, I have always just farted about with this Oracle and tend to forget I have it, yet amazingly it has survived dozens of house moves and seasonal de-clutterings while other oracular tools and books have left the building. 

Aesthetically, this oracle appeals because of the collaged textile images and, maybe not so coincidental, Caroline Myss’ archetype cards use the same design technique of collaged textile images (as do her Healing Cards).

You see back in 1992-93,  just being able to leave the house to go to the small supermarket to buy a litre of milk was a Major Achievement.  Being able to wait for 20 minutes in a eight people deep queue in a bank was, for me, the equivalent of winning $50 million in a lottery.

Since those desperate, despairing and dark years, I have never taken the restoration of my freedom and mobility for granted ever since.  People around me bitch and whine about having to wait for two minutes to get to use the ATM, or lose their lolly over the slow service at K-Mart, and I just no longer play in that sandpit of exasperated sighs, tongue clucking, foot-tapping, filthy looks and scanning the faces in the crowd for a whinging partner.

 I have learned the art of waiting, the virtue of patience, the grace of silence, and the skill of observation.  If I have to wait for a prolonged time in any situation, I know that I am being nudged to pay attention to my immediate environment; to stay alert and not slip back into sleep-walking through life and getting pissed-off about a delay or a cancellation that may actually be Divine protection. 

Also 17-18 years ago, I could not have, in my wildest imaginings, seen what my future path has held in terms of reclaiming my creative self, my Artist and in teaching others to create their own bespoke oracle deck using collage soulcards to image archetypal aspects of themselves, and anything else that takes their fancy. 

If I were to assign these three aspects of the Mother to corresponding astro houses; Romi Kumu is in the first house of persona, Aphrodite in the second of values and T’ai Yuan in the seventh of partnerships.

Hmmm…..song on the radio right now.

Facing the morning, wearing her shadow
she throws her dice and I-ching
success in Japan, a rescuing man
knows she won’t change anything

‘Cause late in the night when the lights are all out
then she slips off her stockings and shoes
she makes you her lover and lets you discover
the smiles she keeps, she keeps for you

She keeps no, she keeps no
she keeps no secrets from you
she keeps no secrets from you
she keeps no secrets from you
she keeps no secrets from you

Can you please tell me what the time is?

(Lyrics – No Secrets – Angels)


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  1. A few years ago, I had a copy of the Goddess Guide Me oracle too! I bought it off a publisher’s clearance table so it was very inexpensive. Like you, I just kind of farted around with it. Then I gave it to a friend who absolutely ADORES it and uses it regularly. So clearly she was meant to have it and I was merely the conduit to get it to her!

    Glad you overcame your agoraphobia. That is major healing, indeed.

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