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Lessons in Discernment #1

January 13, 2010

Lesson:  Never buy anything advertised on the back of a comic-book.

Astronaut John Glenn took 400 million “Amazing Sea-Monkeys” into space with him in 1998. 

Harold von Braunhut (31 March 1926 – 28 November 2003) was an American mail-order marketer and inventor, most famous as the creator and seller of both the Amazing Sea-Monkeys and the X-Ray Specs.

Harry (shakes head), I trust is languishing in a Circle of Hell reserved for grown-ups who sucker trusting and gullible kids.  See ya in 30 or so years mate, I’ve got a bridge you might like to buy!


Buddha’s Balls

January 13, 2010

After a sizzling start to the week, Hump Day was blessedly cool and comfortable, which was great because I was rostered to undertake Home Visits with St Vinnie’s.

The last time I was rostered was December 21st and with the pre-Christmas stress  and everybody under the financial pump, it was a really gruelling day, so I and my sidekick, were quite relieved that today’s visits were light and easy in comparison.

Interestingly, there were statues of the Buddha in every home we visited today and I reckon that had a lot to do with the ease and effortlessness of our work today. 

After concluding the visits, I had a few errands to run and popped into the local New Age shop to check out their guidance/oracle cards.  They have two decks for public entertainment: Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Cards and “I Am I” Guidance Cards, which is a deck written and produced by Australian healer/teacher, Louise Anderson.

I glanced at the “I Am I” deck and in the heading said “Balls”. 

Then I remembered that I had forgotten to get my side-kick to sign off on the worksheets.


”Your energy reaches out and chooses a card” is the blurb for these guidance cards.

God may see everything, but it’s the Buddha who cracks jokes.  I dunno about you; I have yet to see a Laughing God statue.