She Who

January 18, 2010

She Who continues.

She Who has a being

named She Who is a being

named She Who carries her own name.

She Who turns things over.

She Who marks her own way, gathering.

She Who makes her own difference.

She who differs, gathering her own events.

She Who gathers, gaining

She Who carries her own ways,

gathering She Who waits,

bearing She Who cares for her

own name, carrying She Who

bears, carrying She Who cares

for She Who gathers her own ways,


the names of She Who gather and gain,

singing: I am the woman, the woman

                 the woman-I am the first person

and the first person is She Who is the first person to

She Who is the first person to no other. There is no

other first person.

She Who floods like a river and

like a river continues

She Who continues.

~ Judy Grahn~



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  1. I adore Judy Grahn’s poetry and this one is a particular fave of mine! “I wonder why?” LOL!

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