January 30, 2010

I learned today that my former father-in-law had passed away last week. A random glance at the Obituaries in the paper I only buy on the weekend fell on a name I used to bear and after a little Googling, I found the Death Notices submitted by my ex-husband and former friend/sister-in-law.  The name of the new daughter-in-law is mentioned and there is no mention of grandchildren.

Yet between the lines there is me; the first wife, the first daughter-in-law and the child I carried and lost.  For eleven years I was part of this tribe, for eleven years I have not been a part of this tribe.   I suppose my ex-husband did not think I would be at all interested in being informed that his father had died.  However, 14 months ago, I did go out of my way to deliver a message: Spend more time with your father, he is starting to leave.

His reply was…well…..dismissive.  

The death notices indicate a long period of illness and suffering before death’s merciful release yet when I delivered the message, that illness had not manifested itself to be detected by conventional diagnostic tests.

Last night I had a unusual dream about my ex-husband. I was upset with him for not telling me something and I kept asking him, “Why didn’t you tell me?”  and he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer me.

Well, now I know what that was about.

It is interesting being a Medium and claircognisent. What the living won’t tell me, the dead will surely find a way to make sure I learn what they want me to know.  

That I am not forgotten. 

And that I was right.



  1. Interesting. Sometimes it’s hard being Cassandra, isn’t it?

  2. And why does Troy always have to burn before anyone pays attention?
    I am deeply sad for the pain you have experienced, what wee bit I am privy to. You seem like a remarkable person and the irony is, the pain you have known has probably contributed to what sets you apart. You’ve been tumbled and buffed and polished to a deep glow.

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