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February 5, 2010

Since I discovered Sabian Symbols last year, I have been scrutinising the Natal Chart an astrologist prepared for me back in 2005 which included all these extra strange glyphs and other bits and bobs.  I’ve learned that these are asteroids and after reading some excellent astrology blogs, have found out that there’s a whole stack of ’em!

I’ve been farting about at Astrodienst where you can get free charts and filling in the gaps. I’ve been particularly interested since New Year’s Eve to find out where the asteroid Lucifer hangs out and he is hanging out with Mars (natch) in my Eleventh House.

The shared motif for Lucifer according to Blain Bovee’s astrological analysis of the Sabian Symbols is ‘obstacles along the path to comfort and security’.


It’s also nice to know I have asteroids in my Second, Ninth and Twelfth houses because they looked pretty forlorn with no planets in them.

I’m not an Astrologist’s bootlace yet I have been getting a great deal of astrological intuitive hits since I started working with the Sabian Symbols and I’ve become intrigued with the hidden energies in my Nativity.

When I first trained as a Consultant in Sacred Contracts & Archetypes, I realised I needed to bone up on the nuts and bolts of astrology as the Archetypal Wheel is based on the Twelve Astrological Houses. 

Just as I’ve learned that we have more than 12 archetypal energies playing in the fields of our souls at any one time, I’m also learning that there are way more cosmic energies frolicking in there as well. 

They don’t always play well with others. 

I also have the dwarf planet Orcus hanging out with Mars and Lucifer in the eleventh house. In  Roman mythology, Orcus is a god of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths and vows.

Under the guidelines of the International Astronomical Union’s naming conventions, objects with a similar size and orbit to that of Pluto are named after underworld deities.  Orcus was approved and published on November 22, 2004.

November 2004 was a hugely significant month in my life, personally and professionally.  It was when I completed my training in Sacred Contracts and piloted my first Healing Fear workshop

 I made a vow that November. I am being reminded of it.  Nicely.

The Sabian Symbol for today, February 6th, is Aquarius 18: A man unmasked.

Unmasking something or someone reveals or exposes that which was covered. Aletheia, the Greek term for truth, means disclosedness, uncoveredness.

Now that I’ve uncovered all these other energies in my Nativity, I can harness them via their Sabian Symbols and work more closely with them in clearing these damn obstacles in my path.


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  1. I’ve also only been playing around with Sabian Symbols for a few months, but I enjoy the images they conjure. I don’t know if you’ve seen this website – it includes the crystals to match your Symbols: http://www.crystalastrology.com/index.php#crystal

    Tried to figure out my Lucifer etc., but only got as far as Lilith in Aries and Chiron in Taurus and the rest went WHOOSH as it flew over my head 🙂 I know that the relationship between Lucifer and Lilith is very interesting when playing around with the Shadow and our reactions to “evil” in this and past lives. And now this Orcus too? Darn it! Going to have to puzzle it all out.

    A Consultant in Sacred Contracts & Archetypes? That sounds soooo interesting! I’m salivating to know more.

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