Under Rug Swept

February 17, 2010

Mars is transiting my 12th house.

I’ve just learned how to read the transits with the help of every free astrology website and all the blogs by astrologists that I have been scampering through. 

There is nothing sweeter than the moment when you realise that there is no such thing as wasting one’s time.   It is just a shadow thought. 

The Twelfth House of restrictions and psychological problems; where you find all that has been under rug swept and – also all that has been unaddressed by your parental units that you have picked up off the floor.

Mars energizes whatever it touches.  I don’t have any natal planets in the 12th.  A couple of weeks ago I found an asteroid in there.


How much better can this get?  Black Moon Lilith is in my First House into which Mars will be transiting shortly.

I’m an eclectic kinda gal and I don’t know enough about astrology to be either constrained or contaminated by the conventional consensus on what this all means.

My first thought was: “Yo moyo !!  The girls are getting laid”.

My second thought was: “Or they could be getting royally fucked over”.

My third thought was: “What position am I going to assume?”

Psyche and Eros

Image Credit: Violet Hour Muse

I just lurve having a delicious new language in which to express the inutterable lightness of being and this neverending fascinating mystical magical carpet ride.


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  1. Wow, Lilith and Mars! If they’re at all like their mythological namesakes, there should be fireworks!

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