Gilding the Lilith

February 18, 2010

Astrologically, Lilith is a complex minx and there is some fascinating information to be found over at The Lilith Pages which explains her more coherently than I could.

I’ve been exploring the Black Moon Corridor phenomena as it appears in my natal chart – straddling the Ascendant – as well as how it featured in my parents natal charts. 

Whoa Nelly!  

Opened up a can of whoop-ass there as it is in the Twelfth house that one addresses the heroic task of freeing oneself from unconscious crippling fears, and bringing redemption to the unlived lives of your parents.  

The Twelfth house  is a mysterious domain of perplexity and paradox which can reveal unusual resources and be a storehouse of hidden treasure in the time of need.   The energetic nature of this house pushes our underground images into our mind through every available portal; dreams, conversations, synchronistic encounters, any means that provide an opportunity to see a fragment of our Sacred Contract in action.

Seen it.  Over it. Done.  Back to Lilith.

Lilith Speaks: A Dramatic Monologue

You wonder: Who am I coming at you like your shadow?
Like a bird in flight
in the dark of the night
I am the first and the last.
I am the honoured one and the scorned one.
I am the whore, and the holy one.
I am the substance and the one who has no substance. (2)
I am she that looketh forth as the morning,
fair as the moon, clear as the sun
and terrible as an army with banners. (1)
I sleep on the earth and I dance in the trees.
I lie on the sands and I fly on the breeze.
I walk in the sun and I drink with the bees.
I sing with the rocks and I do as I please. (4)

You, you have summoned me with your desires
There are things you need to know about Love and Creation.
What can I know about Love, you ask?
I seduce, I destroy, I have no heart?
Those are lies. Lies they tell about me now. Lies they might tell about you later.
I live in the Tree of Life,
with the serpent in the roots and the Thunderbird in its branches.
Why are you afraid of me, afraid of the tree?
What you see outside is what is inside of you.
And what is inside of you is what is outside of you.
If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you. (2)
How beautiful are thy feet, O Daughters of the Moon!
In the joining of thy thighs there is a jewel. (1)
I am wild like the wind. Yes!
Thy navel is like a round goblet filled with wine.
Thy belly is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies. (1)
I live in trees, I kiss serpents. Yes!
Thy two breasts are like two young deer that are twins.
Thy neck is as a tower of ivory.
Thine eyes are like the fish pools by the white harbour. (1)
My vitality of life is boundless. It is the same as yours.
Feel your vitality, your passion for life.
Let it fill you. Let it fill you with your beauty and your power!

You, Man of my heart. Do you remember me?
Do you remember what we once were to each other?
Do you remember the love that we shared?
I long for a mate, thirsty like water.
Come to me, I want you, I need your seed
or I wither and die, no fruit in my branches.
Do you resist me?
Is it because I am stronger than you in the darkness of the night?
You say I am an illusion, a dream.
I am no dream.
I offer you rapture and peace for your sterile pride.
You deny and question, but mine eyes gleam on thee, lit with an ancient light.
My lips proclaim mysteries.
My arms hold all that gods desire and fools reject. Behold me! (3)

BUT–I will not submit to you and be put beneath you like a serving maid.
I am his who dares to pay my price.
I ask too much, you say? Yet I give all. Why do you hold back?
I warn you. If you send me away, you will fall asleep,
And your rib will be taken out for your mate.
You banish me, but you will be cast out from the garden and struggle to be reborn.
I will return to remind you of what you really want.
How you feel broken with a mate who is but a part of you, like a crutch.
I hurt, I am ill. What is this place
where the children live in cement boxes and eat chemicals for food.
The land is burning with the raging fires of war
My trees are cut down, ruthlessly uprooted
Animals thanklessly consumed; my life blood spilled out for greed
I cannot live here. I must go…
But you will hear my voice
–in the wailing of women mourning their dead children–
in the whimpers of the hungry babies
the floodplains of my heart will pour out over the land
And you will hear my voice in the howling winds and the hurricanes–
in the earthquakes and the volcanoes!
Awake, O thou whom my soul loveth, and come
Come into my garden, where the spices flow out.
Come into your garden and eat the pleasant fruits. (1)
Come to the temple for the holy rites of love.
Set me as a seal upon thine heart,
For love is strong as death. (1)
Set your soul free.
–M. Kelley Hunter

(1) The Song of Songs, Bible;
(2) Gnostic Gospels;
(3) play, Lilith by George Sterling, 1919;
(4) Inner Visions, women’s chants

I recognise lines of “The Thunder, Perfect Mind” in there from the Nag Hammadi Library; a verse I first read in Nancy Qualls Corbett’s book “The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspects of the Feminine” some years ago.

Antonia Langsdorf provides an interesting essay on the Black Moon Lilith as well.

Personally, I’m all “Lilithed-out”.  I first confronted the issues of her Black Moon a couple of decades ago and I have a Decree Absolute to show for it.   Still as a self-teaching astrologist, coming across this  information is more grist to the mill as there are many younger women who could do to get their Lilith onboard so they can gain a deeper understanding of why they are bored.

I feel that Proverbs 31:10 also relates to Lilith – a price above rubies.

 Returning to Mars transiting my 12th house, I was reminded of the actor who played Ares (aka Mars) in Xena: Warrior Woman.  Now that’s a blast from the past!   Kevin Smith, an absolutely gorgeous Piscean male who tragically died on February 15 2002 after sustaining a head injury in a fall on a film set.  

The dead don’t die.  They look on and help.

~ D.H. Lawrence


Kevin Smith, 16 March 1963-15 February 2002



  1. I was going through your blog (I like it very much, by the way) when I found this post “Brigid and The Magus.” That painting. I imagined something like that once: it captured a feeling very well. I wanted to paint it. But since I can’t paint, I wrote a poem instead.

    It was startling to see that painting here. Startling, but nice 🙂

  2. Lilith’s Dramatic Monologue would be wonderful performed live! But I agree with you that it’s a real mish-mash of things taken from many unrelated sources.

  3. Fascinating stuff and great links! This part about the 12th House gave me shivers: “…bringing redemption to the unlived lives of your parents.” Wow. Astrology has always featured in rotation of my core interests, but somehow I never found stumbled over these things. Just the usual, over and over again. Worth a second (hundredth) look!

    (p.s. Lilith in Aries in the 4th House, and I’m Cancerian. Yay me.)

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