The Chalice from the Palace

February 20, 2010


Image Credit: Violet Hour Muse

This is what  a Triple Vision archetype wheel looks like.  You won’t read about this in Caroline Myss’ book “Sacred Contracts” because it is an advanced method of working with archetypal energies that Consultants are taught.  As far as being a tool to awaken one’s Divine Potential, it is akin to a driving a Formula 1 racing car.

The Triple Vision Wheel works with Chronos, Kairos and Cosmic time energies. 

The inner Chronos – ‘time’-based wheel is comprised of  the Core Natal archetypes, the family of 12 archetypes that you consciously select based on the life experiences and roles you have already played; this is what is taught in Myss’ book “Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential”.  The twelve selected include eight personal archetypes and the four Guardian universal archetypes that are common to everyone. Despite their names, the energies of these Guardian archetypes is neutral:

Victim: Guardian of Self-Esteem

Child: Guardian of Innocence

Prostitute: Guardian of Faith

Saboteur: Guardian of Choice

Each archetype has a Light and a Shadow aspect. When reading the Chronos (first layer) wheel, you take into account both aspects.

The second wheel is Kairos, a timeless ‘present time’ wheel.  Twelve fresh archetypes are selected that add depth, dimension and assistance from the precognitive realm.  The archetypes that appear here are the ‘trolls under the bridge’ and they are neutral energies, yet offer clues to the nature of the obstacles that lie in your path, and every obstacle presents an opportunity to transform the dense Shadow energies into illuminated insights. In the Kairos wheel you get to see which subconscious energies are lying in wait to drag you down or raise you up.  How you interpet those energies is highly subjective and influenced by the Core archetype it pairs with and the astrological house in which it lands, and of course your interpretation is filtered through your present-time perceptions.

The third layer is the Cosmic Wheel, your gifts from the Divine Source of your understanding.  It is the wild card assistance the Divine has chosen for you and these archetypes are selected blind, (the cards placed face down)  and they are interpreted positively.

The twelve astrological houses is the convenient template for the Triple Vision Wheel,  just as it is for any working wheel that is cast, whether it be a single Chronos wheel, a dual Chronos-Kairos wheel or the triple Chronos-Kairos-Cosmic wheel.

The choice is always in the hands of the wheelcaster everytime in regards to the question about the issue you ask for insight on, and whether you reject or accept that insight.  The 12 archetypes in the Chronos (first) wheel do not change, they are your Natal archetypes and represent the energies you were born with and always include the Four Guardians. 

Of course, throughout the passage of our lives we have periods of rebirth and renewal, where we distinctly feel we have closed the chapter on an old way of life and are entering a new life.  The temptation is there to select a whole new family of Chronos archetypes to make that passage.   One’s Saturn Return is such a passage (age 28-29) and the Chiron Return  (age 48-52) is another, however it is advisable to resist the temptation until you are certain there is no more gold to be mined from the original Chronos archetypes.  And there is always more gold, always another veil to be pulled away, another layer of understanding to be reached, another angle to be considered.  The Core Natal Archetypes are not fixed, they evolve with you: deepening and expanding.

Working with Sacred Contracts and casting Archetypal wheels, simple or complex, is Twelfth, Eighth and Fourth House territory and ‘here be dragons’ guarding pearls of infinite insight and wisdom.  The Eighth house is the baggage carousel; your bags, other people’s bags and bags you brought with you from previous incarnations that need to be unpacked. The Fourth is your sense of security in the world, the societal and family conditioning you were imprinted with, and the Twelfth is everything you don’t know about your unlived lives, where your misremembered selves dwell longing to be claimed.

My understanding of the Eighth house comes more from Vedic than Western astrology and the archetypes in my Triple Vision that dwell there, the planets that sit in my eighth natal house add a piquant flavour to the saying ‘being behind the 8-ball’.

With the Pisces New Moon, and I am a Piscean, past/present/future energies converge and are being distilled into a potent brew:

The pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon

The vestle with the pestle has the brew that is true.

In the last chapter of “Sacred Contracts”, Myss writes:

“We aren’t meant to solve all the mysteries in our life, of course. Rather, we are meant to explore the mysteries and discover ourselves one piece of our spirit at a time. Gradually we become whole, more conscious, more aware that life is a spiritual journey and everything else is make-believe.  Your archetypal companions are the guides of your unconscious. These patterns will surely get you where you are meant to go, because their role is a manifestation of how the Divine keeps up its end of your Contract.

You will arrive where you need to be when you need to be there, and you will meet the people you are meant to meet, whether you know it or not. Knowing it, however – recognizing that everything in your life is organizing around your Contracts – awakens trust, and that is the first step toward making our final choice.

Do we trust enough to allow the Divine to make our choices for us? Once we do, then our role in life is only to follow through with those choices.

Above all, remember that we are each following different routes along the same general path that leads us all to the same final task: surrender the self. Only through realizing the futility of spinning our wheels in the direction of personal control do we finally wake up to the truth that we are in control of nothing other than the moment when – or if – we can finally trust that our Sacred Contracts are governed by a force of wisdom much greater than our own. And that the agreements you made prior to your birth will lead your spirit back home again.

That is what surrender looks like.”


Last night I picked up a sweet little book I bought a year or so again and which I have dipped into from time to time, a book entitled “Sea Magic: connecting with the Ocean’s Energy” by Sandra Kynes.   It contains a quote by Lunaea Weatherstone:

These are the tests of the sea:

The third wave is for courage,

The sixth wave is for perseverance,

The ninth wave is for surrender.




  1. I read Sacred Contracts when it first came out and thought it was a great way to popularize Jung. This Triple Vision Wheel is amazing! Was it difficult to be trained as a Consultant? I bet it was very intense.

    And I love Lunaea Weatherstone! Her writings have long mentored me on the Goddess path. I’m sure you know of her website at http://www.lunaea.com. I adore her collage tarot deck too.

  2. Gee, I left a comment here last night — where’d it go? Damn you, interwebz! *shakes fist*

  3. The b’ar must have eaten it! Didn’t even see it or get a notification, Debra. 😦

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