Balancing the Books

February 22, 2010

It is said, that people with placement in Aquarius 27 & 28, and perhaps even 26-30, have a natural inclination to be Astrologers, to understand Astrology and to use the Astrological prime metaphor “As above; so Below” as a matter of course.

There is a natural affinity for and with disembodied intelligence, mind-matrix… or ancestral wisdom. It is as if the individual with placements through this degree series is completely calm and at ease with what we might call ‘other-worldly wisdom’. 

The Aquarian idealism here exhibits high degrees of sensitivity, nuance, and a quiet penetrating regard for highly refined intelligence and communication.

~ Blain Bovee

With Mercury in my Seventh house at 29° 1′, the Astrologer’s Degree, it with with some chagrin that I recall reading an advertisement for an astrology course at “The Chiron Centre” back in the mid 80’s.  It piqued my interest and because I was working rotating shift-work as – wait for it – a Communications Officer for a major bank – and the classes were in the evening, signing up for the 12 week course wasn’t do-able.  

The truth is that it was ‘do-able’; I could have swapped shifts and made  the commitment, but after three years of working really brutal shifts that rotated weekly, and with everything else going on in my life, I had accrued a massive sleep debt and anything outside of my usual routine and obligations was an effort and inconvenient.

Ironically, the founders of The Chiron Centre are the very same people who have produced “The Celestial Tarot” and their astrology course is called “Astrosynthesis” and is now available by distance-learning on CD.

It has been a frustrating pattern in my life that when I am cashed up, I don’t have the time; and when I have the time, I am on a shoe-string budget, and when I have had both the time and the money, my energy and focus was co-opted by other people.  Understanding the themes and patterns of self-undoing is Twelfth house territory and “debt” is the keyword, in every form it manifests.

I have an icky-icky karmic debt surrounding finances and with Saturn in Libra transiting my Second house, the message from that Old Devil, is “sort this out or I’ll sort it for you”. 

The energy of the Second House, is about the alchemy of money and resources and how you direct your time and energy to invest in your future.  Do the choices you make every day, the little actions you take on a day-to-day basis really support your vision for your future or undermine it?

In his book “Harmonic Wealth”, James Arthur Ray (and isn’t he getting a harsh lesson surrounding the misuse of personal power), writes that “some physicists have proposed the M-theory (M stands for membrane or magic), which says that there are at least eleven dimensions that exist simultaneously. In the context of vertical time, that means that all our ‘nows’ would go up and down through at least eleven different dimensions.”

So out there is a future in which you are rolling in prosperity, the birdies are singing and everything is hunky-dory.  The key to pulling that future towards you is in the thoughts, feelings and actions you project right now: that is conscious thoughts, feelings and actions. 

For the last few years, the you-create-your-own-reality mantra has – well – earned a lot of money for those that peddle it and you might like to check this out to find out how you may be routinely and unconsciously placing yourself into an energy overdraft, that accrues enormous interest and penalty fees, therefore making it near impossible to create diddly-squat, except your same ol’ same ol’ reality.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury in Aquarius 30 is “The field of Ardath in bloom” – keyword CONTINUITY (blessings fulfilled); the opposing degree is 30 Leo “An unsealed letter” – keyword CONFIDENCE (a trusting availability).

“The field of Ardath” is a reference to ancient Babylon and a mystic meadow symbolizing the blossoming of a mystical brotherhood and its flourishing, now, and then.

More from Blain Bovee on this degree-pair:

Apply this degree-pair with a mind to creative energies that belong to no one, that are not owned, that are shared, like in an open mystery; unsigned messages; deep impressions with no apparent signature; signatures that leave an impression of an ancient past. Be alert to paradoxes such as being enveloped in open mystery, music on a harp unstrung; resplendant colors within pure white, messages that cannot be traced to any particular author.

This symbol contains the classic theme of the acorn and the oak tree. We find the mighty oak somehow within the acorn, just as a seed holds the potential of a flower in full bloom… and the oak tree bears the fruit of the acorn, the flower blossom holds the seeds. The continuity is inherent, assured and yet defies which comes on first analysis.

The Seventh house of interpersonal dynamics and dealing with other people; a veritable Hall of Mirrors where your shadow is reflected back to you by the people who cross your path, or who just plain cross you!  

In the Seventh, you negotiate the terms of your Sacred Contract with the significant others in your life in “real-time”. To read what was written in invisible ink, well, that’s in the storehouse of the Twelfth.

From my perspective, the Seventh house is also about  resources. Namely, your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical energies that you invest in others; that are drained by others; that are co-opted by others as a creative battery for their agendas. RECIPROCITY is a keyword here and if the significant people in your life are not reciprocating in kind, are taking more than they are giving, or you are taking more than you are giving, then you have a not-to-be-sniffed-at Sacred Contract with them surrounding issues of self-worth and self-wealth.

The Seventh house is the sixth house from the Second and the sixth house from the Twelfth – I don’t think that’s a coincidence when you consider the sixth card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is “The Lovers”.

“Temperance” is the counterpart of “The Lovers”,  indicating that, deep down, you already know what you need to do. Your inner voice is guiding you gently to the right outcome and you are patiently listening and following………aren’t you?  

How often do we know what we need to do and keep putting it off, eh?  Or we listen to others complain about their lousy job or inconsiderate partner, and upon the suggestion that they leave, they say “Yeah….I know…I know…..”  The bottom line is that they plain do not want to, or haven’t yet worked up a “head of steam” to take action.  The Twelfth is a misty mansion with many rooms……..

Temperance dilutes the toxic waters of our emotional past opening a new door within our psyche where we may find a stabilized individuality and a balanced heart. To temper is to mix. No wonder this card often portrays a woman blending waters between two cups or chalices.

This card has been called “Art” in the Aleister Crowley deck where he prefers to see this card as the initiation toward personal alchemy. Vickie Noble in her Mother Peace Deck chooses to coin Temperance with the keynote, “grounding cosmic energy.” It is at this stage of development that one is on the path of True Will, and is offered the ability to overcome contradiction. ~ Isha Lerner

In the Twelfth house, of self-undoing and self-sabotage, you find out what is stopping from doing what you need to do, the hidden ‘payoffs’, the beliefs that have been embedded in your unconscious from a multitude of sources and which stick like burrs, and where you contradict yourself.  Where you are incongruent.  One astrologist refers to the Twelfth as the “House of the Rising Sun”, which reminds me of some song lyrics…..

    Fire on the mountain, run boys run
    The devil’s in the house of the rising sun
    Chicken in the bread pan picking at dough
    Grandma does your dog bite

No child no

Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t?

This is an excellent insight into how we shadow-dance in the Seventh.


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  1. That frustrating conflict between time and money is one that I know well too. How I would love to win big in the lottery and solve it forever! Visualizing it has not yet, alas, produced the desired result.

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