Vintage Sybil

February 22, 2010


My mother’s old leather handbag,
crowded with letters she carried
all through the war. The smell
of my mother’s handbag: mints
and lipstick and Coty powder.
The look of those letters, softened
and worn at the edges, opened,
read, and refolded so often.
Letters from my father. Odour
of leather and powder, which ever
since then has meant womanliness,
and love, and anguish, and war.
~ Ruth Fainlight

Many Happy Returns to Sybil Leek born on this day, 22 February, in either 1917 or 1922.   Did this famous English witch tell a little white lie about her age?  Eh….who cares

I love this poem by Ruth Fainlight, it says so much in so few words  about the women of an earlier generation; women who paved the way, women who moved the times and are timeless.

All human beings have magic in them.

The secret is to know how to use this magic,

and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that….

~ Sybil Leek, 1972




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  1. Sybil Leek was the first witch I ever heard of. But I’m sure that’s true for many.

    A very evocative poem, too. How those letters would have been cherished!

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