The Ancestral Triad

February 24, 2010

Many people, Druid or otherwise, find that exploring their family tree gives them a great sense of their own personal identity. To understand where your family members have come from, their lands and the stories of their lives you might like to do this yourself. Think about how where your ancestors have come from might influence who you are today? You might like to find out more by looking up the meanings and histories of your family name. Where were the people from? What is the language background? What occupations did they have? What are the traditions of the lands they come from? You might find things out that you couldn’t have imagined …. read more





  1. Love the latticed branches in the tree of life!

  2. 🙂

    A wonderful idea for including _all_ the ancestors, whether you know them or not. Perhaps the mere act of inclusion is encouragement for them to reveal themselves? I think of my family tree and it’s lack of visible branches… Funny thing though, along with the sacred oak in my head (that bears apple blossoms despite it’s oak-nature!), my grandmother’s family name is Terlinden, as in “linden tree”. What’s that phrase again… Something to do with forests and trees and not being able to see? 😉

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