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February 27, 2010

“We meet on the level and part on the square.”

~ traditional Freemason’s greeting

In my scootings around the cornucopia of astrology websites and blogs, I have been reading about the upcoming cardinal T-square on March 19th; apparently a cardinal T-square focuses on the identity of the individual.

The T-square consists of three planets in the same modes (qualities) that include two squares and one opposition. Without getting too technical about the nuts and bolts, the challenge is to effectively manage, harness and integrate the energies of the planets that will be forming this cardinal T-square.  The aim being to use those energies to move forward.

I am curious about the coming cardinal T-square of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto because of the houses and signs in which these planets appear in my natal chart and the houses and signs through which they are transiting now. 

At this time, I do not know the degrees Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are going to be in, only that the overlighting Sabian Symbol for March 19th will be 29 Pisces “A prism” with the opposing degree 29 Virgo “A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading”.

Shared motifs of synthesis and analysis and finding the missing puzzle piece.  Blain Bovee writes:

Apply this degree-pair with a mind to the challenge of apprehending the deeper meaning of things through the process of gathering and separating. Think of secrets locked within what appears to be a unified whole; secrets obscured by an overwhelming disarray of information. Watch for the ability to read a situation; knowing which color to show; discriminating between appearance and vibrant inner sense. Consider a receptive mind; piercing apprehension; gleaning insight in the aftermath of discovery; shreds of paper or information that make all the difference; an ability for clear-cut analysis; solving puzzles; clarity born out of a mishmash of ideas”. ~ The Sabian Symbols & Astrological Analysis, p. 263

Well……….that’s an encouraging sign, is it not?  Maybe the key to surfing the energies of this cardinal T-square is to follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid and not get too overanalytical or go looking for trouble where it doesn’t exist.

You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created ~ Albert Einstein.

I have trusted to my intuition to find the subjects, and I have written intuitively. I have an idea when I start, I have a shape; but I will fully understand what I have written only after some years.

~ V.S. Naipul

As I’m writing this, one of the tenants who has lived in my complex of nine townhouses for 16 years is moving out, so I reckon by 19 March there will be a new tenant in-situ at No. 5.  Two other tenants are talking about moving out as well, but those guys are ‘gunners’ – gunna do this, gunna do that.

Might be that the energies of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn in this cardinal T-square will be gunning at those areas in your life where you are gunna-ing and preserving your procrastination. 

I dunno.  Like everybody else, I’m living this life forwards and understanding it backwards.   A lot can happen between now and March 19th – a real lot – and isn’t that exciting? 


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