March 6, 2010


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The dark passion of gluttony deals in mindless consumption, whether of foods, drugs, alcohol, negative ideas, the influence of other people’s thoughts, material goods, or anything outside of yourself that takes possession of your will.  To consume without consciousness, just for the plesure of consuming, makes you unconscious of your own actions or your own power of choice.

There is a common saying that a person is a “glutton for punishment”. This is directed toward someone who is oblivious to either extreme self-abuse or abuse coming from another. The abuse is apparent to everyone else, as is the person’s inability to speak up to stop it.

The fifth chakra, which is the power of will and corresponds to the throat, aligns with the dark passion of gluttony. To take command of your will and maintain it against the controlling influences of other people, of outside fears, of all the illusions that prey on us, is the meaning of “becoming conscious”.

To command your will means that you have taken conscious control of the choices you make; that you are conscious enough not to compromise the power of your mind, your integrity, your body, and your soul out of fear for your safety in this world.

The dark passion of glutony represents an absence of control over your will, the opposie of what it means to be conscious. The body, mind, the emotions, and your entire life suffer when you abdicate your willpower to drugs, food, the influence of others, the need for approval, or any outside source. Taking command of your own willpower, your own choices, embodies the challenge of becoming conscious.

  • It would be difficult for you to refrain from your patterns of gluttony because________________________
  • Gluttony represents self-abuse, as opposed to the other dark passions, which tend to give us permission to abuse others. Is abuse of yourself something you approve of?
  • What are your best excuses for allowing yourself to make poor personal or health choices?
  • What does this dark passion teach you about yourself?

(Excerpt from Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason – Caroline Myss, 2009)

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