March 9, 2010


Coveting another’s goods is one way of describing the essence of greed.

Greed is a ruthless dark passion that can take hold of you with the force of a tsunami. It is a dark passion that every person has to confront, and it has many forms, like the clever shape-shifter it is. Some people are greedy for money, but then there is power, fame, authority, attention – the list is endless.

Greed is a form of insanity. There is never “enough” for the greedy, because greed is not logical. Greed is the perfect example of the shadow side of reason: think of asking a megamillionaire, “How much is enough?”

The second chakra lines up most closely with greed, because it is the power center within the human energy system that governs money. Lower back aches, sciatic pain, and cancers that develop in the region of the second chakra (lower back and genitals) are often related directly or indirectly to financial concerns.

  • What triggers your passion for greed?
  • In what area of your life is “nothing ever enough”? Love? Money? Gratitude? Attention? Respect? Greed has many, many faces.
  • How much of your time and attention is given over to asking, “How will I get my share of this?” and “What do I fear I will not have enough of in life?”
  • How has your health suffered because of greed? Possibilities include backaches, sciatica, acid reflux, stomach and digestive problems,¬†stress that contaminates relationships, and anger issues.
  • What have you learned about yourself through this dark passion?

(Excerpt Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason by Caroline Myss, p.97)


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  1. Your blog is eating my comments again. Gluttony, greed or wrath, LOL? I left you a comment on wrath, but it has disappeared.

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