March 10, 2010


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The dark passion of envy has not changed over the centuries since John of the Cross wrote about it, nor even before he put pen to paper. Envy can destroy the mind, possessing it like a fever. Envy makes people think that they have been cheated out of opportunities or that they should have what someone else has.

People can be driven to near-madness when envy takes hold of their reason. Suddenly all they can see or think about is the person or situation at the center of their obsession, which becomes a twisted, toxic visualization that they play and replay constantly.

You can’t reason with envy, because it is an illness, rooted in the illusion that you were cheated or that someone got something that should have been yours. This dark passion causes us to diminish all the good in our lives. The inherent command that each of us has to love and cherishh our own life is violated by the toxin of envy, as it makes us see only dead-end streets.

The sixth chakra is the mind, comprising intellect and intuition, a power center that the dark passion of envy contaminates. Envy blocks your ability to see opportunities; it makes it impossible for you to appreciate anything wonderful about who you are.

  • Are you by nature envious?
  • Everyone has had at least one encounter with envying another person. What created that experience for you? What did you learn about yourself?
  • Do you envy others even for their spiritual attainments?

(Excerpt – Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason – Caroline Myss, p.102)


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  1. I’ve had pangs of sharp-toothed envy at times in my life but, thank goodness, never lasting for more than an hour or so. I find envy quite a violent experience. If you let it take over, it would really destroy all happiness.

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