Thank God it’s Fae-day

March 12, 2010

This afternoon I was moseying around in one of the local New-Age shops, checking out what’s new in downtown Wiccaville, checking out the goods and services they provide.  It’s just a basic crystal-card-book-ritual paraphrenalia store with a small stable of  psychics and tarot card readers, and I rarely find anything of interest.

From time to time, I purchase small crystals, yet prefer my ‘Merlin’ rockhound in another suburb; a chap who has been collecting rocks and fossils since he was a tacker, and turned his childhood passion into a successful business.  He places no credence in the healing energies of crystals, apart from the warm fuzzy feeling he gets when he sells an amethyst cave for a few thou’.  

I find the crystals, rocks and fossils in his store are refreshingly clear in their energy because they aren’t labeled or have preconceived expectations placed on them in regards to their healing energies.  They are free to be what they want to be.  Funny to think that crystals might mind being stereotyped, eh?

‘Merlin’ and his apprentice are qualified with the Gemmological Association of Australia, and their knowledge and expertise is awesome, because they tell the story of every crystal, rock, petrified piece of wood and fossil that they sell: where it came from, how it was made, how old it is and that information is priceless and unsullied by New-Age crystal propaganda.

Anyhoo, this afternoon, when I was checking out a rather tasty deck of Dante Tarot cards, something fell off the shelf that was next to me.  I didn’t bump anything – it just fell all on its own – so I picked it up and it was a small packet of fern leaves for protection and good luck.

Hmm…..I was looking for Black Tourmaline for protection, yet they didn’t have any in stock, and my herbal knowledge is rather rusty, so I wasn’t looking at the herb shelf.

Okay, you’ve got my attention. Who are you? 

Then I noticed a deck of Lucy Cavendish’s “Oracle of the DragonFae” – new in stock.  This shop has a selection of oracle decks open for browsers to play with, so I picked them up, gave them a quick shuffle and pulled a card.

I followed this link from your blog, Submerina.  No flies on the Fae, they know how to use the internet …



Fernia speaks:
I wish to be honest with you, so you understand what it is you think and feel you are wishing for. Do you understand that in order for you to be in connection with all you feel you desire that there will be what many consider to be sacrifices along the way? Do you understand that what we can offer you is shelter, yes, soft and sweet, tender and shaded beneath the heat of the sun, a place to rest and sleep and dream? But do you also know that others will say you dwell in a fantasy land and that what you dream of cannot be?

Consider the truth of what it is you wish for and know that whatever you commit to, expectations play no part in this promise I make to you…because I do pledge to shelter you and introduce you to magicks, to show you the ways of the Dragonfae folk and to help tend the little ones with me. But I also promise you this: that your supposed nirvana will be muddy and dirty and difficult at times. There is no way for this to be what you fantasise about.

You will need to care for yourself and to allow others to be who they are. For this is the path of clarity: knowing who you are and the part you play in all things. Leave your expectations behind and be prepared to discover more magick than you ever thought possible. Do not seek to possess anything…and know that you are free to choose, in every moment, if you will go on. Do you understand that if you wish to be of this realm, and yourself entirely, that you will give up some old ways of thinking? Otherwise you may find yourself hurt by the conflict such incompatible thoughts and feelings will bring.

About Fernia

This Dragonfae being is of the ferns; she is a sincere and open-hearted being who is confident enough to look all who greet her in the eye, before determining whether or not she will gift them with her magick, and her soft and tender shelter. She is a fascinating being who is oft-misunderstood due to her appearance being wild and beautiful: the reactions people have to her are far more about them than they are about her. Despite being hardy under the right circumstances, she is a tender being and can be easily hurt and scorned. Tis important for her to be out of direct sunlight, to take time to be in her shadowy realm where she can tend and care for the other forest floor beings, including baby Dragonfae who are often left with her as she is so kind and sheltering. Her allure is often considered to be powerful, though it is gently expressed and thus oft-underestimated.

She is one who others can develop almost obsessive interest in; and while she flourishes when given loving attention, too much love can almost hurt her. She must be free, and able to grow in the right place…so those who wish to be with her will need to make many compromises and adjustments, even sacrifices. But they are all worth it when one realises what she offers is a unique, delicate and ancient way of seeing and being in this world.

Divinatory meanings

When Fernia shows up in your life, she is asking you to consider honestly and clearly what it is you expect to gain from the situation currently before you. It could be that you are fascinated with another person or path: and Fernia will ask you to return to within…to find that source within yourself. When she appears, there may be people around wishing to possess and own you, thus she encourages you to be free and to find the right place for you.

Fernia is all about being in the right place, under the right conditions for you, and then flourishing. She will also ask you to seek out independence, and to say what is and is not right for you, and to be clear about this, in gentle and loving ways. Her sheltering ways have led many others to flourish beneath the gentle shade she casts, and the pools of water she gathers for the baby Dragonfae to drink. She shelters and yet she shields. You are that contradiction, that magickal paradox too. Never let anyone tell you that you are weak. Beware too, those who may be obsessively ‘in love’ with you at this time – people who can develop crushes and wish to be with you, and yet do not understand who you truly are and the delicacy of your needs and desires.

You fascinate them…but this does not mean you must uproot yourself, for that could mean your unique nature may not survive. Best to let those who profess to love you so come to you when this card makes her gentle, but oh so beguiling appearance.

Working with Fernia

Beginning to understand the impulses and flux and flow of romantic love, as opposed to the love between souls that is steadfast and timeless. Working with plants – energies, flower essences, growing and working with native plants, ancient plants to preserve their energies, teachings and wisdoms. Communicating with the Dragonfae via your garden, conserving nature and working with Dana-energy in her plant forms.

(Source: DreamsofGaia)

I have sensed a Fae-presence around me these last few days, yet with living in the midst of dense urban suburbia, I never really expect a contact in broad-daylight, with other people around.

Expectations; they do block the path to clarity.

Yesterday I learned of an OBOD affiliated druid grove in Ferntree Gully on the internet….. closed to new members although open to sincere friends. 

Fernia speaks:  JOIN.



  1. Spooky! Don’t disappoint the Fae!

  2. I managed to lead _you_ to something?? I am beyond delighted! AND she’s in your part of the world 🙂 Think the fae not only know how to use the internet; I think they definitely had something to do with its invention. Just love the way you describe this particular purveyor of “metaphysical mysteries” 😉

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