Spiritual Song of the Aborigine

March 13, 2010

Spiritual Song of the Aborigine

I am a child of the Dreamtime People
Part of this Land, like the gnarled gumtree
I am the river, softly singing
Chanting our songs on my way to the sea
My spirit is the dust-devils
Mirages, that dance on the plain
I’m the snow, the wind and the falling rain
I’m part of the rocks and the red desert earth
Red as the blood that flows in my veins
I am eagle, crow and snake that glides
Thorough the rain-forest that clings to the mountainside
I awakened here when the earth was new
There was emu, wombat, kangaroo
No other man of a different hue
I am this land
And this land is me
I am Australia
~ Hyllus Maris

Hyllus Maris (1934-86) was an Aboriginal author and Yorta Yorta woman. For a little over two years, I lived in a region of Victoria that pre-white civilization, belonged to the Yorta Yorta.  I didn’t know that then, wish I had, but I did know that in the old days, the Aborigines would never camp, after dusk, on a certain side of the river, because “evil spirits” lived there. 

Unfortunately, that was the side of the river I lived on. 



  1. I love these words & the feeling of them.

  2. A beautiful poem, thanks for posting it!

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