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March 19, 2010

Caroline gave this interview just after completing her Australian workshops introducing “Sacred Contracts & Archetypes” in its embyronic stages.  I attended her 3 day Melbourne workshop which was electrifying and overwhelming with the amount of information she presented.   It’s been fascinating watching how her understanding of energy anatomy and healing has evolved over the last 26 years.

Interview with “Kindred Spirit” 11-1998

Caroline Myss is one of the most exciting voices on the New Age circuit. A quadruple Sagittarius, she speaks truth in a very direct, no-frills-no-bullshit manner. She talks of ‘high voltage truths’, and implores us to ‘call our spirit back’ from the memories of past hurts that we continue to ‘finance’ with our energy that could be used more effectively in present time. Through her skill as a medical intuitive Caroline has discovered a direct correspondence between the chakras, the Tree of Life and the seven sacraments of the Christian faith, and consequently has developed a thorough understanding of the human energy system. However, for this Voices feature, we have concentrated on the directness, rather than the intricate details, of her teachings.

‘Medical intuition’

My skill as a ‘medical intuitive’ is essentially the ability to interpret data in the human energy system. That data includes what I call your biography – I teach that your biography becomes your biology. Biographic data is contained in the human energy field; it can’t be otherwise. You cannot separate who you are from your history. Perhaps as the years go by and we become more and more of an energetic culture we’ll come to realise that that’s exactly what’s in our energy system. So I have the ability to interpret that, and that interpretation then provides physical facts, stress points in the body, potential illnesses that the person is tampering with, illnesses that are being created in the energy system as a consequence of stress.

But it’s not just stress. Illnesses or challenges can also be created as a result of guidance. The position that all illness is the result of negativity is fraudulent, and should never be taught again – certainly I will not teach it. I think that’s a great disservice to a number of human beings. For example, if you take someone like Christopher Reeves who’s in a wheelchair, I will never say that incident occurred because he was ‘negative’. Rather, I look at it as this man must have an unbelievably strong and powerful and good spirit, to take on the horrendous task of being a light to others in that circumstance. I put him in the category of a Helen Keller, and I would defy anyone to say she was negative which was why she was born blind and deaf. Some people take on physical challenges because it is their way of teaching. I have very strong feelings about crashing through that attitude, that all illness is negativity; it simply is not true.


Illness is, in some cases, a matter of the loss of power, and in others the adjustment to a different quality of power coming into your psyche. Think about people who’ve had a major transformation inside themselves: a transformation by its very nature means a different frequency, a different thought form, a different series of attitudes. Sometimes they’re so different in their quality that the body has to go through a cleansing in order to accommodate them. The body frequently does become ill – a person may go through a neurological disorder, or through a series of gastro-intestinal disorders; there could be a weakness, perhaps a period of depression. This is not through negativity, it’s a kind of ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ disorder.

It takes discernment to ask where an illness is coming from. When it comes to the impact of negativity, be assured that, despite what I’ve said above, it is there. I’ve seen numerous illnesses that were created because a person has lived in a real state of fear for such a long time that the body can’t tolerate it any more.


We have to go through madness in order to become whole. It’s such a necessary thing to do, because we’re already mad. Really. That’s why we are all so chaotic, we’re living in madness – so we’re not going through madness but getting out of it. The whole purpose of this journey is to withdraw your consciousness from what you think is real, in order to focus on what really is real. That requires a horrendous, long journey that none of us has completed, in which our sense of power lies fully within us instead of fully without of us. In my workshops I ask how many people consider themselves to be relatively conscious, and their hands go up. Then I ask how many of them would have a reaction if someone got to ‘their’ seat, that they’ve declared as their territory, before them: I say they’d pull out each other’s hair over a chair, and that’s your level of consciousness. Let’s get it out of the theory realm and onto the ground, because that’s how you measure how conscious you are. How many of you would absolutely kill for some overhead space in an airline? That’s how conscious you are. And if you can lose your spirit over that, you measure at that level, you don’t measure at whether or not you can meditate in a room where the flowers are sweet and there’s no sound except the music you want to hear. That’s not where you measure your consciousness.

‘New Age’ truth seeking

A positive thing is that it’s wonderful that we’re getting very health conscious, it’s a powerful thing to do. Another side, that I think is a huge distraction, is that people equate being a vegetarian with a spiritual path. It’s a diet, pure and simple, not a spiritual path. These are distractions, when you take certain behavioural patterns that actually do not threaten, in any way, shape or form, the movement of your life and call that a spiritual path, because the real spiritual path will turn your life upside down. If you read a book on spirituality so that you feel you’re doing something spiritual and you’re getting a new vocabulary in your head, you’re not doing anything spiritual. You’re reading. If you turn that reading into action, now you’re doing something spiritual and that action will change your life. You can read all about how you have to follow your passion and follow your heart, because the heart’s road is the divine road and the mind’s road is distraction, and if you can put those two together so much the better. So you read this and you think ‘My heart wants me to do this but my mind’s screaming “pay the bills”.’ So you shut the book, and you know you’ve just touched the truth, but you decide to let the bills live on. You’re creating a distraction for yourself. You’re using mortal stuff to prevent a high-voltage spiritual decision and calling. Simultaneously you tell yourself you believe in following those callings because you have faith, when in fact you’re acting on no faith.

(Source: Myss.com)

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