Strike a Pose

March 25, 2010

A midnight feast

Image Credit: Violet Hour Muse

Mum and daughter brushtail possums on my backfence.

August 2011 Addendum

Sadly these two possums have gone to the Great BackFence in the Sky. The mother had another baby, a male, who was the sweetest critter. At one stage five possums were visiting for their evening feast, until a grouchy neighbour complained about the possums in her roof and traps were set and they were relocated. The mother possum here ate a poisoned bait, she had a new baby in her pouch.  Suburban possums are survivors. I still put out food, it’s gone in the morning and I’ve seen the smaller Ringtail Possum scamper along the fence from time to time.  The halycon Possum Summer was sweet and brief.


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  1. Ha ha, they have that “caught in the act” guilty look! Busted!!

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