The Huey System

May 15, 2010

Recently read an article about how people organise their home libraries; these are folks with serious book collections – researchers et al.  What got my attention with this article wasn’t the intricacies of the Dewey system, but the picture of a bookcase with books organised by hue……

So yesterday, I reorganised my solo six-shelved bookcase according to colour and hue (which is something I would not have done if my home computer was working).

The result is amazing – really amazing!

Being a quiltmaker, my fabric collection is organised by colour – but it’s stashed away in a cupboard.  My bookcase, however, is in a prominent position in my living room and it is very soothing to look at now.

Practical colour therapy.

Try it.


What else are you doing this weekend?

What is also intriguing, are the books that cuddle up to next other when placed in their colour-hue order – this is another blog post though.



  1. Pictures! We need pictures! (Maybe when the home computer is up and running again?)

  2. I may try it, thanks! 😉

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