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First Corinthians at the Crossroads

May 17, 2010

Bruce Dawe is Australia’s best-selling and most popular living poet. His verses are poignant, witty, parodic, lyric, and tender as he displays us ironically, satirically, good-humouredly to ourselves, with a warmth and sadness for humanity’s follies.

I have recently discovered Bruce’s poetry and it twangs my heart and sings in the same key as my soul.  I am aghast that we didn’t learn about him at High School; but hold on – I suppose not getting turned on to Bruce’s poetry at 15 was the price I paid for reading “Catcher in the Rye” and ee cummings…….

Bruce has been writing since 1954 and I just love this take on Corinthians from circa 1958-59

When I was a blonde I

walked as a blonde I

talked as a blonde;

but now that I have become

a brunette I have put away my

blonding lotion, farewell Kim Novak

and the statuesque Nordic

me: a touching scene truly…

We lingered like old lovers

who cannot quite believe

the evidence of their eyes.

‘It is all over, honey-bun, alas,’ said disconsolate

eyebrows being terribly


‘Toujours, toujours,’ sang lips that had

tasted their last Tango, while

onward onward into an everlasting

brunette dusk we moved to confront,

with the new dawn’s rising

over a wasteland of depilatory and

Beauty-Mask, O

brave new world…