Counting Crones: 44 birth

June 8, 2010

You know more now than you have ever known. As a result you have more to offer than ever before.

You have a history of making things happen, big and small.

You have successfully dealth with numerous challenges.

You have proven that you can deal with Whatever comes along [show Whatever the door if needs bee…..]

You have more experience than ever, and more than anyone younger.

Whether you realize it or not, because of your experience, you have amassed a great deal of wisdom and learned different ways of looking at and understanding things.

You may know more than ever before about what you want.

You probably aren’t nearly as concerned about what people think as when you were younger, and not as eager for their approval: this means you are freer than before.

You are free to express your sensuality in new ways, without the agendas sensuality and sexuality carried in your youth. You now have the option of embodying more authentic sensual and sexual power.

You are most likely clearer about what works and doesn’t work for you; Period.

So here we are, having been through the Joyful Wringer that is the first half of life – and having, in the process, gathered everything we need to make things happen, to move through life with Unparalleled Wisdom, and to find wonder and delight in every sensuous moment.

We know more now than we have ever known, and have the possibility of making life a Greater Adventure than we had ever imagined. The question now becomes: What will we do with all we have gained?

The answer, I believe, lies in a story about the Sufi poet, Rumi and his friend, Shams of Tabriz.  It is said that Shams took all of Rumi’s books and threw them in a fishpond.

“Now”, he said to the startled Rumi, “you must live what you know”.

And so it is for each of us.

extract “The Bitch, the Crone & the Harlot” by Susan Schachterle


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  1. “The Joyful Wringer” — my oh my! But it captures the paradoxical nature of truth perfectly.

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