If You Meet Santa on the Road; run the inglourious bustard over!

June 17, 2010

“A man declared bankrupt” is a Sabian Symbol I have for my 2010/2011 Solar Return.  The following extract is from an article by True Blue Indigo that can be read in full at the Australian Living Now website.  TB Indigo brilliantly illuminates the deeper meaning of this Sabian Symbol – which, in a wickedly ironic way, is where my Transneptunian planet, Hades, is hanging out.

Gilding the Lilith here, in my natal chart, Hades is in my 9th House, with the Sabian Symbol of – “A Christmas Tree decorated”.


There is no such thing as a “deep ancient hurt” that cannot be healed – unless that belief serves the purpose of slowing down or obstructing your growth. Sometimes it is not following our bliss that leads to happiness but following our blister.

The Pilgrim is Progressing.

Want = Unhappiness
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 00:00
By True IndigoThis is how simple it is: a want, or a desire, IS unhappiness, or, the expression of unhappiness. When someone wants something, an equals sign = is placed between want, and unhappiness. Want = Unhappiness. It doesn’t matter what the want is, either. No matter what the want/desire is, it indicates a lack of something inside the person that the person believes will create fulfilment, or happiness, or completion, whatever word we want to insert here. The person with no wants is by definition a whole person.

I now understand much more fully why this so-called ‘law of attraction’ is one of the least savoury things I have come across in my travels through new consciousness thought.

 As a philosophy, I am finding it utterly bankrupt.

Why? Because stopping the want stream clears the way to become happy. You stop wanting, you stop taking on unhappiness debt, you get paid up, and you begin making room for your gift to happen. This is where the gift begins. Right here. Right now. Stop wanting. Stop. This is forever. Never, ever want again. The moment this occurs, the moment you understand why to stop wanting, and do it, you have just moved toward happiness. This is the actual path toward creating abundance. Remaining trapped inside a want loop, the continuous ‘ask, believe, receive’ want loop, will not open the flow to abundance. It will prevent it, because this form of reality transaction instantly and permanently assigns unhappiness to you every day of your life. Want and desire are unfulfilled projections of unhappiness. Remaining inside the want loop and hoping a spiritual Santa Claus is coming to a neighbourhood near you places you in a waiting position. How long are you going to wait? Until Santa comes? This is not a life positive transactional position.

Happiness is not waiting for Santa Claus. .

Want is almost exactly the same as worry. They are both the impotent desire for control. Worry is the impotent wanting of control for a condition that is not. Want is the impotent worrying about control for a condition that is not. Worrying has never once been shown to change the course of events within any condition or situation. Wanting has never once been shown to change the course of events within any condition or situation. What worry does is create anxiety. What wanting does is create anxiety. Both are a complete exercise in futility. Both lead to unhappiness. Neither creates abundance. Only gifts create abundance. The happiest person in the world is not simply the person who has no wants; the happiest person in the world is the person who has only gifts. This is only the beginning. This is just one element of happiness.

This is the abstracted point: Want is a pulling of things into or inside our experience. Gift is pushing of something out of us into everyone else’s experience. What the law of attraction does is tries to replace gift creation with want creation. That is, if you don’t have a gift to bring to the world, then want someone else’s gift to come to you. This does not create abundance. Abundance is only created through the offering of gift.



True Indigo, an Alaskan, is the author of A Personal Aristocracy: Cultivating the Power of Spiritual Nobility, published by North Atlantic Books and distributed in Australia by Brumby Books. trueblueindigo

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