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June 22, 2010

Li Edelkoort compares her job to being an “archaeologist of the future”  – I almost typed archangel instead of archaeologist then – a Mystic slip?  She is, arguably, the world’s foremost trend forecaster.  In my parlance, this Dutch woman is a modern-day Sibyl, yet the journalist who interviewed her seems to be….um…..allergic to using those terms.  Maybe it would cost the journalist her credibility….her reputation……

In a print interview which appeared in The Age’s Good Weeked supplement on 19 June, journalist Amanda Hooton writes:

To be a trend forecaster is to be an oracle of capitalism, divining the future for corporations who are developing products today to sell to consumers tomorrow. Li Edelkoort decides what people will want to eat, wear, drive, drink and massage into their décolletage for years to come.

“I forecast what is but a breeze on the neck; a glimpse into the future” is how she puts it. “It’s not my idea” Li explains, “it’s not my gift – it’s just what I get -I’m amplifying something that is already latent, already in the collective consciousness.”

Li works on intuition, to which she adds “reason and philosophy”

Reason. Intuition. Philosophy.

Trend forecaster.  Could this designation be more savvy than that of psychic medium, angel intuitive, fortune-teller, clairvoyant? A designation easier for the muggles to digest and accept…………..

The golly-gosh aspest of this print interview for me, was Li’s forecast for 2011, which echoes my own prescience of what is rushing through the ether towards the present from the future – a banquet of consequences.

Li Edelkoort has seen the future and it will be fluid, optimistic and yellow.

“Things will be on the move…..rolling….journeying. Water is the metaphor – fluid – the fluidity of fabric, the drape, even in heavy velvets or cordoruy. Blues will be important: dark blues and navies…..and turquoise…..grey metallics and minerals, definitely.  And the revival of browns and naturals. Brick. Brick and terracottas – especially in design. 

Yellow will be the new pink – yellow, possibly, may become the icon colour of our age”.

Really intriguing if you know anything about advanced colour healing and the twelve chakras.

Journalist Hooton, winds-up her article with an exquisite example of intelligent self-disempowerment:

It’s far easier to think of Edelkoort as an extremely stylish woman who can help us all live more stylish lives than to wonder if she really is some modern-day version of a Delphic oracle, privy to a future we may not wish to see.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, – how blind are those who cannot see what sits across the table and shares with them, a cup of tea.

In the mid-80’s I made a pithy observation to myself about the fashionably vague; those that follow the herd of Joneses, comfortably numb with their icons of success and oblivious to the memos the invisible realm leaves for us….in the shape of leaves…or petals

Enlightenment is simply the method by which people discover how and why they block their path to personal empowerment.

On the colour wheel, the opposite of yellow is purple. “Born into the purple” – stepping into one’s own sovereignty.  Third chakra issues and according to Ambika Wauters, the functional archetypal energy of the third chakra is the Warrior.

The dysfunctional archetypal energy is the Servant….or is that Slave to Fashion??

What, where, how and why are you being a Servant/Slave waiting for orders, being told what to do, to think, to wear.

In energy terms, the Servant/Slave is simply a Victim with a broom….and the Victim is the Guardian of Self-Esteem.

Colour your thoughts………….

Homeopathic Colour Remedies developed by Ambika Wauters


Yellow is the color with the brightest light. It is associated with the sun and with the metal gold, the object in physical reality which shines the brightest. It is a diffuse energy and can create confusion because it has no boundaries. People can become disoriented when in the presence of too much light.

It is the color associated with personal power and triumph. It is linked to worth and value. Yellow lightens a dark mood or a dark day. It can generate feelings of euphoria after the heaviness of red of the energy buzz of orange.

It is associated with the element of fire that aids digestion and assimilation. It is interesting that yellow foods all are important to digestion such as lemon, grapefruit and corn. If you have a serious medical condition, consult your doctor before taking these remedies.

Chakra: The Solar Plexus:  This chakra is located in the nerve ganglions between the stomach and the sternum. It is a center that revolves around our sense of personal identity and issues of personal power and worth.  When people acknowledge their self worth they begin to negotiate in the world as a Warrior archetype and no longer fall into the Servant archetype. They take personal responsibility for how they want their lives to unfold and are no longer at the mercy of how and what others dictate.

The qualities of the Solar Plexus chakra are: self worth, self esteem, confidence, personal power, and freedom of choice.

 Mentals:  Yellow is the color of gut responses, or lower intelligence. This color can stimulate the mind to be clear and focused. It charges the gut responses and carries this impulse into the higher mind to be analyzed and thought over.  Yellow can help increase the memory and thinking processes, and provide a rich potential for clarity and effectiveness.

Contraindication:  Too much yellow can cause a dissociated feeling from an over expansive mind. Do not take this color remedy if you have a serious medical condition. Please consult your doctor.

 Physicals: Yellow relates to the organs of digestion and can help with physical problems of breaking down food content. If the liver or gallbladder is weak this color can add additional strength. If there is chronic weakness from any form of liver disease, or gallbladder problems this color can tonify the area with energy and vitality. It is an excellent remedy for acid stomach, Celiac disease, which is the inability to breakdown gluten, and can be used concurrently with other remedies. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this treatment.

Contraindications: Yellow should be used as an astringent and a decongestant. It should be used in daytime only as it can cause sleep disturbance by bringing too much energy into the system.

General Symptoms: Yellow is a color that can be used by anyone with lack of confidence, problems with self worth or personal identity. It is well suited to people who give their life force over to others for their approval or affection.  Yellow strengthens the egoic forces and stimulates confidence and encourages personal empowerment.

Contraindications: This remedy should not be used by people who are overly confident or have an excessively developed ego. It should not be used at night.

Do not use this remedy if you have a serious medical condition. Please consult your doctor.


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  1. I think that the mysterious is always so much less threatening when it is delegated back into the land of logic.

    Having always been intuitive, I wish my guidance counsellor had suggested being a trend forecaster back in high school. I think that her intuition is truly the crucial element but I do agree with some of the reporter’s statement in that she must be naturally stylish too.

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