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What Colour is your Pachacutis?

July 2, 2010

The Native Americans bring us a gift in the form of a heartening prophesy from the natives of the Andes. Accordingy to their tradition, centuries ago, humans took two diverging paths: the path of the condor and the path of the eagle.

The condor path, which represents the peoples of the Southern Hemisphere, is associated with the heart, the intuitive, and the spiritual. The eagle path, the peoples of the Northern Hemisphere, is associated with the brain, the rational, and the material.

For the past 55 years, the power of the eagle – mental and materialistic – has dominated that of the condor’s spirituality and heart-centeredness. According to a prophecy, this is about to change.

The indigenous tradition among the peoples of the South has divided time into epochs called pachacutis, each spanning roughly 500 years. Since October 2 1992, we’ve been in the Fifth Pachacuti, which is said to be a time of partnership and union, were eagle and condor “fly together in the sky as equals”.

Excerpt Spontaneous Evolution: our positive future (and a way to get there from here) by Bruce Lipton Ph.D and Steve Bhaerman.