Boobytraps and Blighsides.

July 21, 2010

The booby is a large bird with long pointed wings and a long bill. It hunts fish by diving from a height into the sea and pursuing their prey underwater. Facial air sacs under the skin cushion the impact with the water. Boobies are colonial breeders on islands and coasts. They normally lay one or more chalky-blue eggs on the ground or sometimes in a tree nest.

Their name was possibly based on the Spanish slang term bubi, meaning “dunce”, as these tame birds had a habit of landing on board sailing ships, where they were easily captured and eaten. Owing to this, boobies are often mentioned as having been caught and eaten by shipwrecked sailors, notably Captain Bligh of the Bounty and his adherents, during their famous voyage after being set adrift by Fletcher Christian and his followers. (Source Wikipedia)

So what happens when a blue-footed Booby comes to you as a messenger; an animal totem?  You do some research and learn about it.  Discern what the bespoken message is for you.

Fletcher Christian is a distant distant ancestor of mine who, when you cut away all the Hollywood illusion, was a rather troubled young man who betrayed an older man, who had taken him under his wing and furthered his career – Captain Bligh.  Thems are the unvarnished facts. Fletcher Christian was a younger son in a large family of high-achievers and, you know, had issues surrounding self-worth, self-esteem and being the ‘runt of the litter’.

Message of the booby: leave people to walk their path and if it is necessary to leave people in order to walk your own path, then do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just leave everything and walk.

Photo: Blue-footed booby in the Galápagos Islands

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