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Mything Menopause

August 2, 2010

CE- XVIII - The Moon - Pisces

The Moon – Pisces, Celestial Tarot

The Goddesses Blodeuwedd, Aphrodite and Hygeia are scurrying around with helpful insights, stories, brow-strokes and laughter as the tentpoles are being raised for my inner Red Tent.

It so did not escape my notice that the last two hormonal-emotional screaming-Mimi, really terrifying nocturnal anxiety attacks happened on the recent July New Moon and Full Moon.   And that the previous lesser, yet still disturbing, panic attacks also coincided with lunar phases.

Interesting too I should use the phrase screaming-Mimi, which refers to a piece of German World War II rocket artillery.  All I know, is that I have some sirius mojo going down and my chakras are flashing, racing, twinkling and blinking like Christmas lights in Times Squares……and it is all about the times:  Past, present and future colliding in my physical alchemical cauldron.

It’s really exciting when it’s not scaring the crap out of me. Like learning how to surf a tsunami wave……  

 Fortunately, being a Piscean there’s a whole lotta Neptune on my side and last night Hygeia told me that on the next New Moon (gulp!), to time-travel back to  my 15 year old Maiden, standing on the sand dunes at Cape Woolamai after a wild August storm….to remember how I felt watching Neptune’s horses racing to shore….the wildness, the sheer unadulterated joy of the ocean surging to meet the shore…..the beautiful seashells that came tumbling up from the deepest depths, that I later collected. 

“You weren’t scared then, were you?”  Hygiea gently asks.

“No, I loved it. I didn’t have words for how I felt then”, I reply.

Hygiea smiles, places her hand over my heart.  “Now you do”.

From Aphrodite this delicious piece of trivia:

“Gusty, raunchy, vivacious spirits of nature, known as the Mimi Spirits, taught sexuality to the Aborigines in all its diverse forms.”

CE- XII - The Hanged Man - Neptune

Neptune – The Hanged Man, Celestial Tarot

Blodeuwedd and Aphrodite are Flower Goddesses and, you know, I am a Flower Essence Therapist. I also have Shell Essences in my medicine kit as well……something about shells and I am fascinated by Polynesian tattoos., especially the Maori moku. (I lived in New Zealand for 10 months when I was 19).

Isn’t She beautiful? 

A rare portrait of moko applied by "grouped" darning needles around 1910.