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The Water Gods

August 4, 2010

Celia Fenn is a spirit channel…this is part of a message from a couple of years ago.

As the Divine Masculine energy is reborn. The Water Gods return to your archetypal consciousness, with their power to mediate the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to create Abundance and Peace.

The Return of the Water Gods

Dearest Ones, your ancestors knew of the power of the Divine Masculine to mediate and support the flow of energy from the Heart. In the ancient archetypal stories, the ruler of the Oceans or the Water Element was a Male God, known as Poseidon or Neptune to the Greeks and Romans. For, they knew that the Masculine energy has the power to mediate in the flows of Divine Creative energy as it manifests in Feelings and Emotions.

The Water Gods were those who held the power and the authority in the Deep World. In the old stories, they were understood as the archetypal forces within the psyche of the individual and the planet herself. When this male energy is strong and clear, then the Oceans can be held in balance. As the Water molecules refine and become more crystalline, the male consciousness of the Water Gods will once more flow in life-giving ways on the Earth.

In Ancient Egypt, the Water element was necessary for the creation of wealth and abundance in the land. When the Nile rose and flooded the land, abundance returned. So, the people recognized the power of the male energy, for they would say: “Osiris has come again”. Osiris is the male partner of the great mother goddess, Isis. When Isis, whose stellar home is Sirius, aligned in the sky with the Earth sun, then Osiris was reborn as the Horus child. The Male energy rebirthed at a higher level of consciousness.

And so it is that as you birth this higher level of consciousness, as you become the Divine Child or Christed Ones, you will feel the return of the Divine Masculine in its archetypal form of the Water Gods.

They will support you in your new consciousness, and they will show you how to use the Heart to mediate the flows of Divine energy that you express on the physical plane through your lower chakras. They will support you as you create abundance and joy, for as the Egyptians would say: “Osiris is risen and walks the green land once again”. Indeed, the green land feels once again the presence of the “Green Man”, the vibrant male “Pan” energy that brings life and abundance to the Earth. Nature herself responds to the supportive love of the Green Man, who is the Earth equivalent of the Water Gods.

So, dearest Lightworkers, this is a powerful time of balancing and harmonizing. The Divine feminine and the Divine Masculine within are united and balanced. The Feminine transmits the powerful energies of Love and Compassion and the Masculine supports the transformation of these energies into the creation of manifestations of Love and Abundance on the Material Plane.

And so, all that remains is for the expression of Gratitude. The male child is reborn – the Divine Masculine supports the manifestation of the New Earth through Love.

We wish you Love, Grace and Joy at this time.