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August 17, 2010

Yesterday, I also picked up a little gem at the Needful Things Pre-Loved Bookstore, and I am really excited about this serendipitious big old owl wink from the Gods.

NE Face of Stephanie Peak ( Throne of Zeus ) on Mt. Olympus - "Home of the Gods" - highest mountain in Greece


Murry Hope’s 1991, Olympus: An experience in Self-DiscoveryIt’s only the book, yet it does not matter, because I can make the 36 cards myself.  Googling has not brought many results, not even a peep on Aecletic Tarot about these cards. I did find a terrific user review in the Tarot Forum from October 2006, which I will unashamedly swipe and plop here (because it will save me a lot of typing), and it is so spot-on:

I’ve had the Olympus Deck for over 10 years and have found it to be quite insightful when there is a need to address something in the psyche at the psychological level. I don’t take the words of any author as “set in stone” or as the final word, rather I’m inclined to read what they have to say and get the “flavor” of the card, and let that information form the framework for how the energy of that card is applying to the given situation or need for healing. WIth this deck I find it useful to read the meaning of the categories – (p19-27) first, then look at the specific card’s info.

This seems to deepen the meaning and how it is relevant in a given situation. I’ve often used additional references such as “Goddesses in EveryWoman” and “Gods in EveryMan”, both by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD. to close any gaps in understanding.

I use the cards for seeking a malingering root cause that is keeping a person in a pattern they can’t seem to break through for their own healing. It has proven a useful tool to lay bare that concealed aspect of the personality that the person has been avoiding dealing with completely. This deck originally appealed to me because it’s a beautiful deck and I enjoy the artwork.  I’ve never been especially drawn to studying the Greek gods or myths, yet, I do recognize they represent archetypical forces relevant to man, even today, and as such, they make taking a look at the darker side of our own undoing rather pleasant due to the softness of the art. I think at those times when a “hard hammer of truth” comes down softly, it is easier for the recipient to look at it and move toward ownership if it is presented gently, as these cards are “encoded” to do. Avoidance seems to be one of the cruxes of “stuckness” that this deck deals with gently.

Also, the value of allowing for reversals to have meaning when using these cards is addressed in page 10-22, too. This is important because each of the gods represents a strength, excesses or weaknesses of given traits. I always seek to align the person’s understanding of this by addressing it as a need to ask how to rebalance the energies by thinking in terms of the balance point of a balance scale with the center always slightly in flux – left, then right, much like our breathing in and out. THe idea of balancing the psyche for a return to harmony and inner peacfulness with oneself seems so much more useful to people than the burdens of being right/good or wrong/bad which often paralyzes and triggers resistance to needed changes.

All to Love, I hope this was the type of information you were seeking.

PS My deck is from 1991, too, and its worth to me is in it’s simplicity of bottom-lining psychological info at the archetypical level which, from my perspective, is the most dynamic level to be dealing with for regenerating and healing and returning HOME to our Spritual Essence which is nothing but Go(o)d. …….Aria! (Resident), Tarot Forum, 24 Oct 2006

This information has been marvellously useful for me and, as the focus of my practice as a Holistic Counseller is to stalk and seek out the malingering root cause that is keeping a person in a pattern they can’t seem to break through for their own healing; happychancing across the all-important guidebook for these cards, which only cost me $3.00, is still blowing me away to be honest!

I’ve just remembered a Reiki person I saw back in 1996, who told me she could see a mountain with stars all around it (like the Paramount Picture mountain), and that it was like I was climbing……..had my focus fixed on reaching the summit. 

WELL, there are other people’s interpretations and then there are mine and there so many layers of meaning to everything, that can you really believe anything that somebody else tells you about what is going on under the hood of your own psyche?

Finding information about Murry Hope is also as rare as rocking-horse poo. The author blurb on the booklet offers:

Murry Hope is one of the world’s foremost authors on metaphysics, ancient magical religions and parapsychology. She was co-founder of the Atlanteans in 1957 and served as the society’s president, principal teacher and healer for 20 of the 40 years she has been engaged in metaphysical studies. In 1988 she established the Institute of Transpersonal Sensitivity and pursues the work of effecting a bridge between transpersonal experience and more popularly accepted schools of psychology. Her books including The Way of Cartouche, Practical Greek Magic and Atlantis: Myth or Reality?, have won her a worldwide following.

Why pay an analyst when you can do it for yourself?  Olympus is a fantastic tool for a little mythburger like me, yet I do notice some energies are missing from the original deck: the Nine Greek Muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory – who is also not included in the original.

Now that is a terrible oversight which tells me how important it is to rely on your own source of guidance, the fruits of your own journey and the information you do the leg-work yourself to gather.

I am really looking forward to creating my own cards and discovering what these archetypal energies have to say to me. I love that the card spread is based on the symbolism of a Labyrinth.  Also that I am so over the Persephone-Demeter crap that I’ve been wading through, while clearing out malingering root causes, that just meeting some new Old Friends is such a welcome relief.

OMG!!! Just as I was searching for this photo, of Stephanie Peak……that John Denver quote – reaching for Higher Ground – in yesterday’s post, was signed “Stephanie”.

I. Shit.You. Not.

Now the Gods are just showing off……………………I am soooooo going to pig out feasting with the Olympians and making these cards.

“Be thou the tenth Muse, ten times more in worth
Than those old nine which rhymers invocate.”

As far as those old stubborn issues goes, please scamper over to Monte E Wilson’s blog post about Acceptance and Surrender.    It is time for all of us to find a way to pull those nine-inch nails out that keep us on the cross we create for ourself.  There are no crosses; there are no losses to cut. Only the beliefs that there are…