My Big Fat Greek Past-Life

August 18, 2010

In 1998, when I was first introduced to Sacred Contracts & Archetypes at Caroline Myss’ workshop, we were guided in casting a Natal Archetypal Wheel, and the Warrior archetype I had chosen landed in the 12th House.


Last night, as I was standing at the sink washing the dishes, I experienced these very sharp stabbing pains in my lower back, around the kidney region, and without knowing how I knew, sensed some information about a past-life was coming through.

You see, I’ve been working on this issue of perfectionism, which has really given me a hard time, and had asked the Holy Question: just where did this trait really originate……because, while my parents were both perfectionists, the depth of my own perfectionistic traits felt more embedded….older…..and bloody hard to remove.

This morning, I woke up with the Olympian archetype swirling in my head, which is most often approached from an occupational perspective; as in this archetype hangs out with elite athletes, gym enthusiasts and fitness freaks, and if you are not doing that, then you don’t have this archetypal energy.

Wrong!  If you are a perfectionist, the Olympian is hanging you out to dry.  Exploring how the energy of the Shadow Olympian had manifested in my life, which is the overriding of intuition, physical and emotional needs of the body, checked the box on how this energy had driven me into the ground.

Then I got the past-life, the juice on my 12th House Warrior archetype that resides there in my Natal Sacred Contract/Archetypal wheel.  The natal archetypes are the energies you were born with to help you with the Soul lessons you came back to sort out.

I was a Spartan warrior. 

I think the Spartan ideal may kick the arse of the Olympian ideal of bigger, better, faster, higher….ya know?

Past life information is personal. I only reveal this much to illuminate the growing awareness I have had, for some years, that  personal Archetypal energies are wisdom data banks from past incarnations, and the tool of Sacred Contracts is only one way of accessing past-lives with the focus of utilising what you learned/need to learn from that past life, to remove the obstacles you have placed in the path of your own self-empowerment in this life.

Now I better understand why I kept falling asleep while trying to watch “300”.

Just another day in Paradox and the life of a Spiritual Awakening and Transformation facilitator – which, by the way, is the best label, the Gods have guided me to employ for describing what it is I actually do.



  1. I’ve never seen 300 but someday I hope to get around to it. It seems to have entered our repertoire of cultural references (as in your LOLcat gag) but I’ve also heard it’s a dreadful movie. Time to find out for myself!

  2. It’s not that bad a movie …. worth a look.

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