50 Days to a Healthier You

August 19, 2010

One of the books I have out from the library these days is “The Seven Pillars of Health” by Don Colbert, MD. The blurb on the backcover:

Your health is up to you, and it is time to get serious.

 The clock is ticking, and there is urgency in the world today.

Published in 2007, this book carries a somewhat hectoring, heavy “End-time” Christian evangelist tone that I do not care for, although tapping into God’s plan for your healthy future by taking baby-steps is a worthy message.

Although, being a rat-bag, I must ask: If the End is near, what’s the point in getting healthier?  Would not Dionysus exhort us to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we’ll be going to Elysium?

Gotta be tolerant of evangelists because I don’t think they have clicked that you can make the Lexigram evil angels from that Word.

The nutritional advice in this book is no different to anything else that is out there and I think we all know to make healthy choices one day at a time? But…you know, there is an urgency out there, or so the good Dr Colbert tells us, so should he not be saying two days at a time, three weeks at a time……isn’t one day at a time a tad slow…..if things are so urgent, ya know?

Mixed messages…..gotta watch them!

Back in 1987, I undertook a cutting-edge Health and Wellbeing Program based on advanced metaphysical principles that was, and still is, a pretty hard act to follow.  I stepped away from this program after the 6th week, because I was just not ready for the profound changes, the raising of my energy at that time, would have brought to my life.  Yup, I blocked my own path to personal self-empowerment.

Then a couple of years later, I participated in the Four Seasons-Elements of Man advanced metaphysics workshop.   The facilitator of these two programs, Glynn Braddy, is purposefully invisible on the World Wide Web. Suffice to say his prodigious knowledge about nutrition, helped develop the Musashi Animo Acids….

And Googling here has helped me find a posting I made in the forums of SpiritLibrary when I was futzing about in there, being the bait for other people’s Shadow.   Alias Meryt-Neith, that was my username in there.

Where was I……so it was in 1987 that I firmly pushed the button on the Magical Mystical Metaphysical path and it’s been one wild ride ever since. More and more these days I am returning to everything I learned from my brief, yet significant, involvement with IFA Dimensions and master metaphysican, Glynn Braddy.  Kinda like submitting my final exam answers, ya know?

I learned today that the Australian icon Vegemite has a preservative in it, that is know for inducing anxiety…..which I am looking into…..because I had a Vegemite sandwich, spread on roolly thick because I’m a Tough Aussie Sheila….and then I spent the next 10 hours in the grips of this extremely terrifying state of anxiety/panic I could not get a handle on.  I also felt really nauseated, and wondered if the Vegemite had “gone off”, but Vegemite doesn’t go rancid – it’ll still be here after the next pole shift/nuclear holocaust/meteor hit…..     Hmmm…maybe the End really is near!

Today I was given a big BIG jar of Vegemite….preservative 22o..Sulphur Dioxide.  Yup, that panic attack sure was straight from Hell.

Say, didn’t the Delphic Oracles get high on sulphur fumes?  Hmm….the Vegemite Oracle….maybe that’s why I got given such a BIG jar today.

220-228 Sulphites 

For example, sulphites are 220-228. These are preservatives. The best known of these is 220, sulphur dioxide. Nearly all wines have 220 on the label. It means that the preservative sulphur dioxide is in the wine.

  When one of these sulphite preservatives has been added to a food, the number is on the label. All that is necessary is to know what the number means and to know that they commonly cause symptoms, ranging from headaches to asthma.

 One very real problem however, is that some foods, such as dried fruit, can be sold in bulk, where there is no labelling. 220 is routinely used in the processing of the majority of dried fruits. Without this knowledge you could, for example, be suffering from headaches due to the 220 in the dried fruit, but be unable to identify the cause, and thus end up taking medication to treat the symptom, instead of simply removing the cause by stopping ingesting the 220. 

220 is but one from the list of additives known to cause causing problems, as set out on pages 132-133 in ‘How to Stop Feeling So Awful’.

Ohhhhhhh   ma-a-a-a-a-a-n, not dried fruit as well!  I just loves my Aunt Lowie’s boiled fruit cake receipe, my Christmas cake receipe……



  1. Oh, evil, evil Vegemite! Is nothing sacred any more?

  2. I always KNEW Vegemite was evil (and I’m lumping Marmite and Bovril in with it)! 😉

    “The Seasons Within” has me very interested (damn you/thank you for adding to my ever-expanding meta-mystical library). I’m a southerner like yourself, so I’m Winter-Fire. Very surprised to find this elemental connection; I don’t think I’ve ever encountered it before.

  3. Dearest Muse, I’ve found “Seasons Within” on Google books and OMG. I’ve said a few times during my tarot blogging that I feel like I have a lesson to learn about love and there it is in my Winter-Fire birth!

    Must read more.

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