Cerberus: Wagging the Dog

August 26, 2010

Dog Watching over Ruins, Hampi, Karnataka

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Following extract from “Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free” by Dr Wayne W. Dyer, 1995.

Dear Lord, Help me be the person my dog thinks I am. ~ bumper sticker

Observing Your Life Energy

Everything in life is energy. Understanding the energy principle is vitally important to the process of learning to cultivate the witness.

Your emotions are energy. The typewriter I’m using is energy. When you meet another person, there is an exchange of energy. Every single event in your life involves an exchange of energy. Your lifetime of events and exchanges between all of the people you have encountered has involved an enormous amount of energy.

When you choose to witness your entire life, you begin to see your life from an energy perspective. All of the conflicts that you have participated in throughout your life have in some way drained you of spiritual energy and left you with lethargic energy.

These encounters, ever since childhood, represent a stored energy that has caused you to focus the emphasis of your life on ego, on your self-importance. You have identified yourself with the events and the people who have influenced you. This has created the lethargic energy level of awareness that inhibits you from knowing your higher self.

You contain a lot of negative, invisible energy that your senses do not report in a language that you have been taught to understand. The Naguals (Meso-American spiritual masters) have a ritual training process call the recapitulation, which can decrease the negative, lethargic energy and increase your witnessing capacity.

Taisha Abelar, in The Sorcerers’ Crossing, describes the recapitulation process as one of “calling back the energy we have already spent in past actions………To recapitulate entails recalling all the people we have met, all the places we have seen and all the feelings we have had in our entire lives – starting from the present, going back to the earliest memories – then sweeping them clean, one by one”

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When I first made an effort to recapitulate my life and to sweep the negative energy that I had collected, I thought it would be an impossible task. But it wasn’t. It merely meant using my internal attention in such a way that I witness a specific event, and then with a sweep of my internal attention, I left it behind.

The process sounds strange, but when you practice doing it there is a strong sense of leaving behind all of the old conditions and reenergizing the present. What I found most astonishing was my ability to recall seemingly long-forgotten people and events.

One day I decided to recapitulate my fourth-grade classroom. Simply by being the willing witness to that room at Arthur Elementary School in Detroit, I was able to see every single classmate, the teachers, the places where everyone sat, the book Mrs Engel read (The Secret Garden), the lessons in fractions, the world globe in the corner, and the names of everyone in the class.

As I witness myself in that room, I realized that I had spent an enormous amount of energy being fearful of not being accepted. It was my first year in that school because we’d moved from another neighborhood. I was able to recall that misspent energy to my energy body. I was flabbergasted at the ability of my mind to recall all of those seeimingly insignificant events and long-forgotten classmates.

What is small is big, what is big is small ~ Caroline Myss, Defy Gravity

The recapitulation process is an energy process. All memories, like everything else in the universe, are in the form of energy. Recalling lost energy and removing draining energy sounds unfeasible, but I can assure you that cultivating the witness in this way will have the dramatic effect of raising your level of awareness and introducing you to the higher part of your being.

How Dogs Smell Fear

Dogs don’t “smell” fear they sense it. They can sense it in humans better then in any other animal because they have the best sense of human emotion, feelings, and other things out of all animals including other humans sensing it in other animals comes from their hunting ancestors, wolve. (Source: Wikipedia)

Silent Witness Soulcollage Card by Ava Walters

The Toltec Nagual – Recapitulation, Toltec Mystery School


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