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An Everlasting Faint

September 2, 2010

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The Sleeping Gypsy – An Artist’s Interpretation

Also in 1897, the mysterious tale of  Zona Heaster Shue, whose testimony as a ghost was accepted at the trial of her murderer: the Greenbrier Ghost.


Beauty and the Heart

September 2, 2010


Paradise Tanager

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Following article by Alysea McArtney, purloined from Aura-Soma Australia.

Modern research is daily finding the deep connections between the heart and the brain.

During my Naturopathic training, which was only a few years ago, it was accepted that the heart was just a big muscle. Now they are calling the heart an Endocrine Gland.

‘Yellow’ is the colour for working with the Central Nervous System and thinking. Today’s scientific research into the heart/brain connection says the heart can and does think, So where does this take us with the levels of Yellow? Do we use the Yellow Pomander, the Yellow Quins or the essences? What heart energies do we put with this elixir?

Let us look a little deeper. Not only does the heart ‘think’, but it produces a hormone which affects every limbic structure operation, and what we call the ’emotional brain’. This also includes the aspects of memory and learning.

 Neuro-cardiologists have found that 60% to 65% of the cells of the heart are actually neural cells, not muscle cells.

To further complicate matters, we could say that our whole learning is to do with perhaps an Orange or Pink issue … especially in regard to children.

The heart also is a huge and powerful electromagnetic field, ‘feeling’ and responding to energies far and wide, and in a holographic way (turquoise). The funny thing is that the heart not only contacts and records the future, but also the deep past.

There are only two types of learning, one is true learning, the other is conditioned learning. Orange is to do with conditioned learning, ‘fear based learning’, and is felt and responded to with the older brain which is known as the ‘reptilian’ or ‘hind’ brain.

This is the brain that works with survival issues, and responds when threatened. A form of learning takes place here, but it is conditioned learning and is intimately associated with emotional states of hostility, anger, and anxiety.

Suddenly we see not only a Turquoise/Orange connection, but a Green/Pink, Pink/Orange and Turquoise/Pink connection.

Think about this!! A child’s emotional experience, how they feel about themselves and the world around them, has a tremendous impact on their growth and development. If the child’s emotional development isn’t nurturing, safe and secure, with good heart contact, then they do not develop emotionally.

In other words, it is an Orange/Red issue to do with survival and using the hind or reptilian brain…..

If we want true learning, this involves the higher frontal lobes, the intellectual creative brain. True learning relates to the colours Yellow and Turquoise, and to a degree Olive; as we change the older patterns and allow the process of security, trust and love to open the heart, we allow the healing affects of Aura-Soma to energetically make the necessary shifts.

These shifts are from anxiety, which immediately activates the old defensive patterns of the ‘hind’ brain, to trust and love and respect for ourselves, which activates the higher prefrontal lobes.

Latest research also shows that our genes are not locked into unchanging programs, as previously thought, but are in fact profoundly affected by our environment, particularly our emotional environment.

With the use of the Pomanders which encourage trust, opening up, intuitive listening to the heart, and peace, and with all the Pink we can get, we can make these changes in our DNA.


Have you ever caught yourself saying, the best intuitions come from that ‘mindless state’, or maybe saying if you had another brain it would be useless etc?

Well in fact we do have three brains in our skull. They are three uniquely separate, distinct brain structures, that developed throughout our evolutionary history on earth.

Firstly, we have a reptilian brain, which includes our spinal cord and brain stem, which is identical to the brain found in all reptiles.

Possibly the use of energies which relate to Earth energies, ie the Reds, the Deep Reds, the Oranges etc., would be good to help with this reptilian brain. Also you can use some Violet to enable the transition into the Gold of the central Shushumna and the higher Mind to take place.

The 2nd brain is a bit bigger and a little more elaborate, but essentially the same. This is known as the sensorimotor brain. Superimposed on that is the great limbic structure, which we share with all mammals, and which is our emotional-cognitive brain. It handles emotional energies.

Let us take time to consider these – mammals, emotional-cognitive brain, handling emotional energies. What about the use of the Dolphin and Whale essences; also the Squid which lives in perhaps that deep cognitive brain. These would be beneficial.

What about using Turquoise and Pink for the love and the supportive nurturing aspect that mammals have. You could even use the Blue Sea Squirt. Turquoise and Yellow together help this deep communication throughout the nervous system. Turquoise and Orange will help with the emotional understanding of what is going on.

We may need lots of Pink and Sapphire Blue to help bring the peace and the forgiveness and most of all the nurturing and the love aspect to this brain.

Brain three. This third brain is superimposed over the sensorimotor brain. It is the neocortex, which occupies eighty percent of the skull, and is five times bigger than the two animal brain structures. This is our thinking brain, our intellectual brain.

Research has clearly shown that the vast bulk of our ego awareness…our personality, our awareness of selves in the world… translates into our awareness through the two animal brains, and only the tiniest fragment of it translates through the intellectual brain.


This emotional-cognitive structure called the heart, directs all the emotional energies of the brain, literally directing all of our responses to the world through our relationships.

The heart has universal consciousness. The individual ego translates through the brain; universal consciousness translates through the heart.

This is why the heart can relate all information together.

From an Aura-Soma point of view, this provides the answer to how we can not only re-evaluate the way we use the oils and the Pomanders and Quintessences, but how we integrate thinking, feeling and consciousness. Integrating the old, the new and the huge broadcast from that immense holographic electromagnetic cardiogram!!!

We believe ‘The cave of the heart wherein God lives’ is the key to open that door. It’s the way to re-achieve, or open up that mind-heart connection.

It is imperative that all adults work on themselves, so that our children see the example of right livelihood and so that right thinking is developed before exposure to TV, and computers. As research has shown, the retentive ability of learning drops from 65% to a mere 3%. To add insult to injury, we also have emotional immaturity and imbalance.

You can possibly try some of these combinations mentioned above, as you look deeply at the ‘heart’ of the matter of the consultations, where the energies of ‘feeling’, ‘thinking’ and ‘loving’ are and you can use the essences to create a deeper movement in the Auric flow.

The heart is a universal consciousness. As McLean says, the individual ego translates through the brain; universal consciousness translates through the heart. That’s why the heart can relate all information together. What has happened to us in this day and time is a breakdown in mind-heart dialogue — a breakdown literally in the mind-heart connection.

The way to reachieve, or open that mind-heart connection up, is to come across someone who has opened that mind-heart connection up, and who operates out of the heart. We have the statement, “The cave of the heart wherein God lives.” That is, in my yoga we believe thoroughly that God dwells within the heart, and that until you open up and get in touch with that God in the heart, you are isolated and estranged from everything. The minute you are opened up to the heart, you are intimately related and a part of and one with everything.

 We find that immediately the heart integrates the brain structure, so that that which we’re thinking, that which we’re feeling, and that which we’re acting are a single integrated whole. That gives us a great deal more power and effectiveness in our life than we ever had before. And so meditation is the answer to the whole thing. And this sounds phony, but you see, meditation is one of the natural circadian rhythms that we’re born with, and it’s lost in ninety-seven percent of the population. So it’s rediscovering meditation, as I’ve been following siddha meditation, an ancient system, for ten years. All I can say is it has radically transformed my life. ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

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