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Paradise Road: Mind, Memory and Myth

September 7, 2010

Look Both Ways

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Whichever explanation one chooses to accept regarding the nature and function of what we broadly term the ‘mind’, there would appear to be ample evidence to support the fact that this human faculty emcompasses more than one level of perception or consciousness. The exoteric attributes are obvious, and the emotional implications – although less logical in sequence and reaction – are also undeniable from a rational angle.  But then comes the point at which the unknown, or perhaps at present unprovable, esoteric aspects make their appearance and we enter the realms of memory.



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From a psychological standpoint, memory can be both selective and irrational. In some cases the more pleasant aspects of past events appear to surface, distasteful memories being conveniently disregarded, while in others the reverse applies, depending on the mental state of the individual. The harbouring of past ills, or the over-emphasis of old traumas, can be conducive to mental imbalances or psychosomatic ailments. Recent work with terminal cancer patients has tended to confirm the view held by some doctors that suppressed frustrations, as well as nurtured grievances, do take their inevitable toll on physical health, and can often manifest in the form of a killer disease. Some more radical schools of healing have actually labelled these conditions ‘exit doors’ – escapes from life’s unendurable traumas and stresses.

 ~ Words Murry Hope, Olympus: An Experience in Self-Discovery

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FOR: Deep meditation & rebirth work, past life healing, completing & releasing ancient patterns, accessing & integrating soul knowledge, connecting with your spirituality, aligning with your life purpose, healing blocks in the body.

QUALITIES: Strength, resolution, clarity, fulfillment, amalgamation, focus, guidance, concentration, transformation, dedication, recognition & culmination.

METAPHYSICAL: The Bird of Paradise Essence holds keys for the integration of ancient knowledge. It helps in reconnecting to ancient times for the purpose of synthesizing the knowledge you achieved in that time frame into your current life.
This sacred essence is made in conjunction with the Ancient Egyptian Time Keepers and the bird of paradise plant becomes your staff of strength to support you in becoming the Master Self you already are! It assists in merging of all your ancient aspects that have attained a state of divine completion into the now.
The flower itself is symbolic of the eye of Horus alight with the fire of eternal life blazing through time, space and the physical worlds.
~ Source: Stepping

Olympus: The Sirens

September 7, 2010

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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
Jacques Yves Cousteau

The Sirens

Identity: Three hideous sisters

Description: Human-headed female creatures with bird’s legs and breasts. Later depicted in mermaid style with fishes’ tails

Symbols: The double flute

The Greek Myth

The word ‘siren’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to bind or attach’. The three Sirens of Greek mythology were named Thelxiepeia, the enchantress; Aglaope, she of the glorious voice, and Peisinore, the seductive. They were the servants of Persephone in that they lured people to their doom and therefore added to the numerical power of that goddess’ domain. Originally winged, they were deprived of their flight ability after challenging the Muses to a singing contest which they lost, their effrontery offending the god of music himself. Later the bird aspect gave way to the fish’s tail on a human torso, from which figure the traditional mermaid probably evolved.

In spite of their pernicious natures, however, they did not always prevail; the Odysseus episode serves to illustrate that it is possible to mingle or socialize with people who are not altogether trustworthy, providing one is not seduced by their words!

Upright Meanings

Binding or attachment. People who appear to be helpful, but are not to be trusted. The human singing voice.

Reversed Meanings

Self-deception. Seduction. Emotional blackmail. The lure of things that come too easily (beware sweet words and soft music!). Being ‘taken for a ride’.

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Psychological Comment

We are sometimes required to enter unfriendly territories in order to complete the business at hand, face up to some impending difficulty or negotiate the next phase in life. Providing we go in with our eyes open, then all will be well. But how familiar is the statement: ‘To think that this happened to me, and they seemed such nice, friendly people!’

Siren people are usually past-mavens of the social arts. They do and say all the right things and, as far as flattery is concerned, they never fail to make the most pleasant of noices. But they will happily lead you into trouble, while shaking their beautiful heads and decorously declaring, ‘How very sad……’ as painfully you pick yourself up from the mud outside their doors.

Sirens may, on occasion, prove most helpful – as long as it suits their plans. The advice when dealing with them is always to ensure that there is an easily accessible mental ‘exit door’, through which you can escape with the greatest of spped and with the minimum of harm to your person should the necessity arise.

Siren power can exert strong emotional bonds that certain people find very hard to break. Better not to accept the fetters in the first place, the human condition being ever emotionally vulnerable. It can also manifest through the kind of frenzied displays much favoured by religious and political organizations that employ the emotional stimulus of music, powerful oratory and ego-patriotism to gain mass mind control. Self-deception, hearing only what one wants to hear and hallucinatory-based ego trips are also very much Siren things.

Human vocal skills of the popular variety are associated with the Sirens, classical talents coming under Apollo and his Muses or his sister, Artemis. In its negative mode, Siren music can be highly destructive, luring the indiscriminating psyche onto the rocks of hedonism, bodily neglect, chemical dependencies, negative addictions and self-ruin.

~ Words Murry Hope, Olympus: An experience in Self-Discovery.

Roll up! Roll up!

Barnum Effect : is a term that is used in psychology.  It is the tendency for people to accept very general or vague characterizations of themselves and take them to be accurate.  A good example of this can be seen when people believe what is said about them in psychometric tests, personality profiles, astrological predictions, and so on. This phenomenon is named after P. T. Barnum, who believed that a good circus had “a little something for everybody.” Even though the descriptions or descriptive terms used in the inventories, typologies, and tests can apply equally well to other people, some individuals are gullible enough to believe they are unique to themselves. Of course, this is exactly what happens with the horoscope, palm reading,  and crystal ball gazing (Referring to the comments of P.T. Barnum, 1810-1891, American showman, about public gullibility).

SQUAWK!!  Be careful out there kiddies……… that wax in your ears?

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Warrior’s Wisdom: Ten Bears

September 7, 2010
I am a artist, designer and maker. Currently I am making jewelry from wooden puzzles using Japanese paper. I love doing puzzles and have a fascination with antique papers. I like to creating joyful objects that are fun, silly and beautiful. I hope you enjoy it.

New Map Puzzles

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Procrastination – mere intention – is the bane of human existence. Experience may be the best teacher, but the tuition is very costly.”

In case you haven’t been getting the news from my side of this blue-green marble, my wide brown land is being Spring-cleaned with raging floods and wild storms.  Across the pond, the Land of the Long White Cloud has been rocked by earthquakes.  I also read that the potential is high for a locust plague of Biblical proportions this Summer, so it is all very elemental, turbulent and, a tad challenging for my shaman self to stay on my painted pony.

Bear Claw Pastries

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Never before have I needed to daily take flower essences to shift and clear dense energy; the sticky tar-baby gunk that Cyndi Dale aligns to the energetic realm of the Tenth Chakra.

I believe that one of the biggest crimes in the metaphysical movement is the lack of, or inadequate teachings about the tenth chakra. We simply cannot be effective in daily life, perform psychic functions, or attempt to fulfill life purpose if we are not grounded.

In my work, I have found that the Tenth chakra works like an earth lung, breathing in elements needed by the physical and emotional body, as well as the chakric and auric systems. It also releases all wastes from these systems into the ground for transformation. ~ Source The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, Cyndi Dale


Dale’s guidebook is wonderfully helpful as I cartwheel out of the mainstream parochial teachings that have infiltrated and contaminated the broad spectrum of the aspirational entreprenurial mouldy new age cultdom. This drive to awaken your divine potential, to find your life purpose is mostly interpreted through the Ego-binocular vision; not through the eyes of the Eagle.  Making lists, setting SMART goals, five-year plans; the Olympian Ideal of higher, faster, better…………Survivor Earth….outwit, outplay, outlast.   All running towards the false idle of procrastination.

A nation of Procrasti’s.   What is this?

Man O’Pause, in his wisdom, never messed with the Procrasti nation, but often had his spies infiltrate their camp to find out their battle plans Since the Procrasti’s would keep postponing their raids, Man O’Pause had plenty of time to discover their schemes, work out a plan of his own, train his troops and kick ass.  Source ~ Minneconsin by Paul Klein


There is no such thing as procrastination. A five-dollar word, if ever there was one, that serves as a cut-throat razor blade, it’s only purpose to maintain a mind-body disconnection.


One’s intrinsic energy either supports your mind-intention or it does not. What is not explored within, is branded procrastination – a word that burns like a lash.  Mea culpa, mea culpa………mean mea culpa.

Procrastination vibrates at the same frequency as blame and shame.

Why would any sane person choose to disturb their energy with a five-syllable, five-dollar word that is a white man’s Shadow word.

I was fortunate in 1989 to be exposed to advanced metaphysical teachings, which I was destined to not fully understand because, really, nobody can teach you what your soul-body journey is going to be about. If they could….if they did….it would spoil the surprise.  At the best, you notice your signposts; at worst, you follow other people’s stopsigns.


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When one is dwelling within the unified energetic resonance that supports all life, this word-of-habit….. this pattern of self-abuse…..falls away as you appreciate that your intrinsic psyche is either in support of a task, or it is not in support to the degree necessary for following through on intention; an intention that is most likely Ego-serving and not in congruency.

The word procrastinate is the language of masked incongruency. You will locate it in the Devil’s Dictionary under proclamation……  How often does one, each day, proclaim to do this, sweep that, go there,…..the habit of musturbation keeps one spiritually blind.

Procrastination rhymes with constipation. In simple terms, everytime you self-medicate with this thought-word tonal frequency, you have just blocked your path to empowerment.  Recognise that you are verbalizing your soul-body purpose to learn the art of patience and how to become into alignment with divine timing.   Do remember that “try” is a word with criminal connotations; choose to walk in your own moccasins and step away from being your own judge, jury and executioner………..for you will surely meet enough people in your lifetimes, who will perform this function for you.



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If you procrastinate all the time you end up living your life in crisis mode. This means that you always have some task that needs to be done right away, because you’ve waited too long to try to complete it. When you’re living your life in crisis mode, you tend to ignore your physical health. You have no time to exercise. You skip meals and eat junk food on the run. You drive too fast and are generally more on edge when dealing with family and friends.

Some people think they strive on stress. They put things off because they think that doing something at the last minute will somehow improve their performance.

When under stress your body releases the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The short term effects of these hormones are good for dealing with stress. They make your mind sharper so you can think more clearly and solve problems more efficiently. The problem is that long term exposure to these hormones reek havoc on your body. They speed the aging process. Prolonged exposure can cause weight gain, short term memory loss, insomnia, poor judgement, weakened immune system and a short temper. Those are just a few of the negative effects. In general, they make you old. ~ swiped from the hunting grounds of The Art of Balanced Living

Breaking the Habit

Break the self-corrosive habit of branding yourself with the “P” iron.  Walk do not run.  Do or do not…..there is no procrasti nation.  Consider which tribal mind you intend to hitch your caboose to………..or which it is already being dragged behind.

Sabian Symbol Cancer 5° An auto wrecked by a train.