Paradise Road: Mind, Memory and Myth

September 7, 2010

Look Both Ways

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Whichever explanation one chooses to accept regarding the nature and function of what we broadly term the ‘mind’, there would appear to be ample evidence to support the fact that this human faculty emcompasses more than one level of perception or consciousness. The exoteric attributes are obvious, and the emotional implications – although less logical in sequence and reaction – are also undeniable from a rational angle.  But then comes the point at which the unknown, or perhaps at present unprovable, esoteric aspects make their appearance and we enter the realms of memory.



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From a psychological standpoint, memory can be both selective and irrational. In some cases the more pleasant aspects of past events appear to surface, distasteful memories being conveniently disregarded, while in others the reverse applies, depending on the mental state of the individual. The harbouring of past ills, or the over-emphasis of old traumas, can be conducive to mental imbalances or psychosomatic ailments. Recent work with terminal cancer patients has tended to confirm the view held by some doctors that suppressed frustrations, as well as nurtured grievances, do take their inevitable toll on physical health, and can often manifest in the form of a killer disease. Some more radical schools of healing have actually labelled these conditions ‘exit doors’ – escapes from life’s unendurable traumas and stresses.

 ~ Words Murry Hope, Olympus: An Experience in Self-Discovery

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FOR: Deep meditation & rebirth work, past life healing, completing & releasing ancient patterns, accessing & integrating soul knowledge, connecting with your spirituality, aligning with your life purpose, healing blocks in the body.

QUALITIES: Strength, resolution, clarity, fulfillment, amalgamation, focus, guidance, concentration, transformation, dedication, recognition & culmination.

METAPHYSICAL: The Bird of Paradise Essence holds keys for the integration of ancient knowledge. It helps in reconnecting to ancient times for the purpose of synthesizing the knowledge you achieved in that time frame into your current life.
This sacred essence is made in conjunction with the Ancient Egyptian Time Keepers and the bird of paradise plant becomes your staff of strength to support you in becoming the Master Self you already are! It assists in merging of all your ancient aspects that have attained a state of divine completion into the now.
The flower itself is symbolic of the eye of Horus alight with the fire of eternal life blazing through time, space and the physical worlds.
~ Source: Stepping

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  1. I love Birds of Paradise flowers. I’ve only seen them growing in their natural state once, in Hawaii. Just gorgeous!

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