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Andromeda: Between a Rock and a Hard Place…is the Ocean

October 1, 2010


"Andromeda" by Gustave Dore

Image Credit: Illusions Gallery

Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools
Five long years I thought you were my man
But I found out I’m just a link in your chain
You got me where you want me
I ain’t nothing but your fool
You treated me mean oh you treated me cruel
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools

Every chain has got a weak link
I might be weak child, but I’ll give you strength
You told me to leave you alone
My father said come on home
My doctor said take it easy
Whole bunch of lovin is much too strong
I’m added to your chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain, chain,
Chain, chain of fools

One of these mornings the chain is gonna break
But up until then, yeah, I’m gonna take all I can take
Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools

~ lyrics by Don Covay, performed by Aretha Franklin

These are the tests of the sea:

The third wave is for courage,

The sixth wave is for perseverance,

The ninth wave is for surrender


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The Myth of Andromeda: an aspect of female sexuality – Prophecy Coles

Cassiopeia and Cepheus are Queen and King of Ethiopia. They have a daughter, Andromeda. One day, as Cassiopeia and Andromeda are bathing by the seashore, Cassiopeia proclaims that Andromeda is more beautiful than Poseidon’s daughters, the Nereids. This angers Poseidon, for mortals cannot be likened to gods, and he insists that Andromeda must be sacrificed to him as atonement. She is chained to a rock on the seashore, and waits to be devoured by a female sea monster. Perseus, winging his way homeward after slaying Medusa, sees her and falls in love with her. He says that he will rescue her if he can marry her. Cassiopeia and Cepheus readily agree. When Perseus has killed the sea monster, however, Cassiopeia changes her mind.

Constellations of Words: Andromeda-the chained woman

Trapped in the Mirror – Elan Golomb. In this compelling book, Elan Golomb identifies the crux of the emotional and psychological problems of millions of adults. Simply put, the children of narcissist — offspring of parents whose interest always towered above the most basic needs of their sons and daughters — share a common belief: They believe they do not have the right to exist.

Tidal Pool, Vancouver Island

 Image Credit: Ocean’s Edge