An Object of Wonder: 1993

October 15, 2010

The second miracle occurred in 1993. Kathleen Evans, from Windale near Newcastle in NSW, was a 49-year-old mother of five (the youngest 13) when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Tests showed that the cancer had metastasised, spreading into her glandular system and the base of her brain.

Surgery was impossible, it was too late for chemotherapy, and radiation, doctors explained, would give her, at best, only a few extra weeks. “Radiation meant I’d have to go to hospital for 10 consecutive days,” she recalled at a press conference at the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel in North Sydney in January this year (the only time Kathleen has spoken publicly”. “But I was too sick for that. Besides, the odds weren’t worth it.” She decided to go home, where Barry, her husband of 31 years, and her family took care of her. She was too ill, by this time, to dress, bathe or use the toilet on her own.

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Then, just as in the case of X, a friend gave her a picture of Mary MacKillop with a small piece of Mary’s clothing attached. “My husband and I were devout churchgoers, but I wouldn’t say I spent my life on my knees,” Evans admitted. “I’m just an ordinary person. If I miss a Mass, I don’t think I’m going to go to hell or anything.”

She wore the relic on her nightie and underclothes. “It’s never left me,” she told the press conference. “It’s on my bra!” The friend also gave her prayer cards, and once again, a novena was said, asking Mary to pray to God on Evans’ behalf. She went on a retreat run by the Sisters of St Joseph in Lochinvar, NSW, and a priest prayed over her to Mary. And despite being in “a bad way”, she felt surprisingly peaceful. She got home, and found that “I was very happy. There was a sense of peace in the house, and people just came to see this woman that was dying and happy.”

The Wealth in my Purse

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Ten months after her initial diagnosis – already having lived far longer than doctors expected, and having had no medical treatment at all – Evans returned to hospital for tests. The results were extraordinary: though there was scar tissue on her lungs and brain where the cancer had been, the disease itself had completely vanised.

Her doctor was beside himself, said Evans. “When he was so excited, the first question I asked him was, had it shrunk? And he said, “No. It’s gone’. My response was, ‘Oh wow. Wow.”

Unable to believe the results, the doctors asked to repeat the tests. They all showed the same thing: the cancer was gone. Pathologists who treated Evans subsequently presented her history at an international conference as an example of a case with no known medical precedent or explanation. And today, 17 years after diagnosis, Kathleen Evans is alive and well and enjoying life with Barry, her five children, 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Everybody, Everywhere, Everything, Every Time is connected

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Progressiva, completa e duratura; nonspiegabile in base alle nostre conoscenze scientifiche.

Reference: The Miracles of Mary by Amanda Hooton, first published Good Weekend, October 9, 2010.


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