Saint Mary of the Cross: Sabian Symbols

October 18, 2010

Natural....a thicket cross for a paradigm shift

Image Credit: Courier Mail, Brisbane

It is finished – Mary MacKillop’s is now a Saint and Brand MacKillop is alive and flourishing with the marketing and donation campaigns. No doubt about it, sainthood is a healthy cash cow for the stakeholders.  However, if the coffers have received a good influx of moola that is going to be directed towards helping those on the margins of society – the fringedwellers – that kindled young Mary’s sense of social justice and equality; then all is well in this opal-hearted land of sweeping floods and flashing plains….

A few days ago, I checked out Mary’s natal birth chart, in particular, the Sabian Symbols – and the hairs fairly rose on the back of my neck, and surges of energy twinkled through my body – she has the most amazing, beautiful Sabian Symbols.  Mary incarnated with everything she needed to fulfill her Sacred Contract. 

I am not going to offer my interpretation of what they mean. I will just present them and allow the words and the imagery to wash over you, and if, like me, you get a surge of warm fuzzies, know you are connecting to the energy of Saint Mary of the Cross.  This is how the Sabian Symbols work – they are ‘jumper leads’, if you like, from one human energetic battery to another………that might be a little flat…

Twelfth House

Poseidon 18 Leo – A teacher of chemistry

Chiron 30 Cancer – A daughter of the American Revolution

Eleventh House

Appollon 12 Cancer – A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message

Ninth House

Zeus 27 Taurus – A squaw selling beads

Eigth House

Waldemath Dark Moon 10 Taurus – A Red Cross nurse

Vesta 26 Aries – A man possessed or more gifts that he can hold

Cupido 24 Aries & Vulkanus 24 Aries – An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia

Pluto 19 Aries & Ceres 19 Aries – The magic carpet

Seventh House

Uranus 22 Pisces – A man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai

Pallas Athene 16 Pisces – The flow of inspiration

Mars 7 Pisces & Kronos & Pisces – A cross lying on the rocks

Moon 6 Pisces – Officers of dress parade

Sixth House

Osc. Lilith 24 Aquarius – A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from experience

Lilith asteroid 21 Aquarius – A woman disappointed and disillusioned

Ademetos 18 Aquarius – A man unmasked

Mean Lilith 16 Aquarius & Neptune 16 Aquarius – A big businessmen at his desk

True Node 30 Capricorn – A secret business conference

Fifth House

Sun 25 Capricorn – An oriental-rug dealer

Mercury 24 Capricorn – A woman entering a convent

Venus 14 Capricorn – An ancient bas-relief carved in granite

Hades 6 Capricorn – A dark archway with ten logs at the bottom

Saturn 8 Capricorn – Birds in the house singing happily

Jupiter 7 Capricorn – A veiled prophet of power

Third House

Juno 30 Scorpio – A Halloween jester



  1. Canada got its second saint yesterday too — St. Andre (the former Brother Andre) of Montreal. He was a humble, barely literate, former doorman who had a miraculous presence and healing powers.

  2. I have been reading about St. Andre – what a fascinating person – even more interesting than St. Mary. What I did notice was the patron they had in common – St. Joseph…..so there is something about Joe Black Brown.

  3. Am most intrigued by your sabian symbols. Excellent!
    Am in to astrology too, and notice that you seem to have a time of birth there, with placement in the houses. I have located the chart according to your information for about 11.30am UT 00hours.
    Would love to find out a correct time or birth or a rectified time.

  4. Mary’s death was recorded at 9.30am and I was guided to draw the chart, twelve hours from her time of death; 9.30pm, which in Melbourne, in January, is the ‘violet hour’. LivingMoonAstrology cast a Sunrise chart for Mary, which is most interesting, so I must check out the Sabians by the Sunrise, which would indicate the collective ‘shadow’ energies everybody born on that day had to deal with. http://livingmoonastrology.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/the-first-australian-saint/

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