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Pelican Dreaming

November 30, 2010

The Pelican Nebula

Pelican demonstrates the power of reflection and insight, buoyancy in life and how ride the air currents of life. He teaches to rest and relax in spite of life’s heavy weight. Pelican balances use of good fortune and abundance with responsibility and priorities. He has the ability to navigate emotions and aids in recovering what is lost whether it be emotional, mental or spiritual. Are you siezing the moment and enjoying what is before you? Do you recognize the abundance you already have? Perhaps it is time to count your blessings? Pelican aids in tapping into your feelings and putting them to wise use all the while peacefully balancing the world on your shoulders.



This Much I Know is Truth

November 30, 2010

My matrilineal grand-parents who married on April Fool's Day, 1915


Everyone has parents. Everyone has grandparents on both the father’s and mother’s side.
Everyone has great-grandparents on both sides.

You could have had several hundred or even thousands of lifetimes as a human being.

In each of these lifetimes, you could have had a different father and mother. Therefore, you and every person has a huge number of ancestors. I am not talking about only your biological ancestors in your current lifetime; I am talking about all of your millions of ancestors in all of your soul’s lifetimes.

It is a law of karma that some of your ancestor’s karma affects your present and future lifetimes. This is your ancestral karma. When I speak of ancestral karma, I am speaking about only those unpleasant services of your ancestors that affect you. I am not talking about all of your ancestors’ personal karma, only about the part that affects and influences your soul journey as one of their descendants.

There is a secret about ancestral karma.

The vital wisdom to know is that your grandfathers’ and grandmothers’  karma, and your great-grandfathers’ and great-grandmothers’ karma affect your life much more than your father’s and mother’s karma. Your parents’ personal karma affects your children and grandchildren more.

If you have great blessings in your health, relationships, and finances, you are blessed by your personal good karma as well as the good karma of your grandparents and great-grandparents especially. If you have major challenges in your health, relationships, and finances, your personal bad karma has affected your life, as well as the bad karma of your grandparents and great-grandparents especially.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Since your soul has probably had millions of ancestors, your ancestral karma could be very heavy. Some people are free of personal karma, but I have only met one person who came to me free of ancestral karma. Ancestral karma is a major blockage for one’s health, relationships, and finances. Clearing ancestral karma is vital for healing and blessing your health, relationships, finances, and every aspect of your life.

~ extract p.35-36, Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System by Dr Zhi Gang Sha

Family Tree Fan: Your Personal Labyrinth Walk Through Time


In grateful remembrance of a distant cousin who generously provided me with facts that helped me to clear my ancestral karma from a bloodline that had been omitted with malicious intent by previous family historians.

What you do not know about your lineage DOES hurt you…..energetically.  Pursuing genealogy activates your inner self-healing Shaman…and you do not even have to be consciously aware. Do the work; your Soul knows how to take care of itself.  

Your intuition and conscious knowledge of the facts of your ancestor’s life are your most potent tools in clearing stubborn mind-body-soul issues.  Ask your ancestors.  Ask them what wisdom is hidden in their life, that will be of most benefit to you in your current life. 

Ask for their wisdom; not their secret Christmas pudding receipe that they took to their grave….

Ask as many questions as you need.  You know how old folks love to gab..


 Leslie Thomas Pearce

 b. 01 May 1932, Invercargill, New Zealand

d. 21 Sep 2009, Lower Hutt, New Zealand 

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 Associated Sabian Symbol
Capricon 19° “A child of about five with a huge shopping bag”.
It is remarkable how often people with placements in this degree have experienced carrying adult responsibilities as children. The idea is carrying a load beyond their years. ~ Source Blain Bovee, Sabian Symbols

From the Transmedium Muse
It is my experience and observation that the Sabian Symbols were brought forth to assist with the clearance of ancestral, planetary, global and tribal karmic inheritances.  Specifically. Forensically. 

Counting Coup

November 29, 2010

Passive-Aggressive Anger Release Machine


Anger is an integrity-producing response to the invasion of your personal boundaries

~ Gabrielle Roth

One example of counting Coup in Indian wars would be when a warrior would hit his enemy with a stick. This would change the enemies energy, by just letting him know that you are not frightened and if you had really wanted to hurt him you could have. This act of physically touching your enemy without seriously hurting him can take away or disarm the enemys’ anger. It creates an opportunity for the enemy to think about, and consider what he is doing and gives him a chance to remember that all life is sacred.

We can all Count Coup by helping someone, something, or a helping organization. By being willing to get physically involved  we can create an opportunity to change anger into help, and a chance so we might all survive together, in peace; not in pieces.

Joseph Medicine Crow


All the Pretty Glasses

November 28, 2010


I am part of the load
Not rightly balanced
I drop off in the grass,
like the old Cave-sleepers, to browse
wherever I fall.

For hundreds of thousands of years I have been dust-grains
floating and flying in the will of the air,
often forgetting ever being
in that state, but in sleep
I migrate back. I spring loose
from the four-branched, time -and-space cross,
this waiting room.

I walk into a huge pasture
I nurse the milk of millennia

Everyone does this in different ways.
Knowing that conscious decisions
and personal memory
are much too small a place to live,
every human being streams at night
into the loving nowhere, or during the day,
in some absorbing work.

 ~ Rumi



November 27, 2010


To Life:

I am the flower, turning toward the radiance of your life giving warmth.

I am the moon, reflecting your brilliance through the darkness of night;

The ocean as it continually receives the tributaries of your rivers.

The parched earth, soaking in the moisture of your raindrops.

I am the pull of the sap to the roots; the slumber of winter, waiting for your spring.

I am the mysterious mother, taking in death, bringing forth you, Life.

I am made to effortlessly take you in, to return all to the depths where creation emerges through this union of light and dark, all that is and is not.

From nothing comes this love, longing for more of itself.

You give forth life as I receive it; the fulfillment of life’s desire.

The spark ignites, and the universe is birthed again.

We each contain the alchemy of water and fire; jing and shen.

Continually creating and dissolving into the void where the one heart pulls us back into existence.

I am the coral reef; you, Life, its spawning.

I receive you as the seed bursts, the shoot emerges, the bud opens and the flower turns its face to the sun, taking you in.

~ poem by Dr Randine Lewis, The Way of the Fertile Soil


Mano de Desierto, The Hand of the Desert is the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal.

Image Credit: Sink or Swim

The Science of Receptivity

In a nutshell, the Science of Receptivity is about finding our place in the world.  With recent advancements in technology and a bit of help from the Cosmos, we are much more able to quickly unfold to the very best of our potential.  Sound a bit far-fetched?  Not really, because as we evolve, individually and collectively, the potential that drives and guides us, quicker and quicker, generation upon generation upon generation, closer to our goal.  As a species, it is our built-in quest to become more of “that which we are”.  And though many have become mired in the grind-a-day world, a portion of humanity, putting its attention to the task at hand, has become exponentially far more useful to the whole. It turns out all is in order and we are moving along very nicely.  We all contribute as best we can and truly what we each contribute is enough.  It is just that some are contributing more than others.~ Source VisionariesLab


Alluvial Gold

November 26, 2010

Alluvia project, Canterbury, UK

Read more about the amazing fluidic visionary art of Jason de Caires Taylor .


Set in the historic city of Canterbury, in association with Canterbury City Council, Alluvia is a sculpture consisting of two female figures, cast in cement and recycled glass resin. Positioned within sight of the Westgate Bridge and its adjoining gardens, the underwater sculptures lie along the river flow, submerged and fixed to the bed of the river Stour. At night the works are internally illuminated.

The title Alluvia relates to the alluvial deposits of sand left by the rise and fall of the rivers water levels. The Stour cuts through Canterbury, informing what could be described as a division between the past and present, between the old and the new city. The two contrasting figures are made from silica, an oxide of silicon, found in sand and quartz, the natural process of erosion questions the material properties of this widely used substance both highlighting and documenting the passage of time. The pieces also act as environmental barometers, algae accumulated on their surfaces are indicators of pollution within the county’s waterways from chemicals and phosphates used in modern agricultural farming.

The work draws reference to Sir John Everett Millais’s celebrated painting Ophelia (1851-1852). The pose of the figures and the materials used respond to the flow of water along the river and to the refracted colours of its fauna and substrate. As the surface tension and volume of water changes through the seasons, and the effects of light alter through the day, so what is seen of the sculptures changes. This fluctuation questions the stability of a material perceived to have permanence, and further challenges the recourse of memory, questioning how images and ideas constructed from fragments are presented. The work also encourages people to return to the site to recall and evaluate their altering experience of the work.

~ Source: Underwater Sculpture

Play At:

Soul Food Cafe: Alluvial Mine Creative Writing Project, click on the image to start the weigh of wordsmithing.


Under Rug Swept

November 26, 2010

“There was a blacksmith who was unjustly imprisoned and who miraculously escaped. Many years later when he was asked how he had escaped, he said that when he was in prison his wife, who was a weaver, had woven the design of the lock to his prison cell into his prayer rug. Realising that the prayer rug contained the design of his cell’s lock, he made a deal with his jailer to get some tools to make some small artefacts, which the jailer then sold, for a profit. Meanwhile he also used the tools to make a key and one day he made his escape.” (From Idries Shah)

 ~ Source: Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies


What is Tasawwuf? (Sufism)

What is Tasawwuf? Good character and awareness of God.
That’s all Tasawwuf is. And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? Love and affection.
It is the cure for hatred and vengeance. And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? The heart attaining tranquility–
which is the root of religion. And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? Concentrating your mind,
which is the religion of Ahmad (pbuh). And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? Contemplation that travels to the Divine throne.
It is a far-seeing gaze. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is keeping one’s distance from imagination and supposition.
Tasawwuf is found in certainty. And nothing more.

Surrendering one’s soul to the care of the inviolability of religion;
this is Tasawwuf. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is the path of faith and affirmation of unity;
this is the incorruptible religion. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is the smooth and illuminated path.
It is the way to the most exalted paradise. And nothing more.

I have heard that the ecstasy of the wearers of wool
comes from finding the taste of religion. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is nothing but shari’at.
It is just this clear road. And nothing more.

An Anonymous Persian Poem –
Translated by A. A. Godlas