November 27, 2010


To Life:

I am the flower, turning toward the radiance of your life giving warmth.

I am the moon, reflecting your brilliance through the darkness of night;

The ocean as it continually receives the tributaries of your rivers.

The parched earth, soaking in the moisture of your raindrops.

I am the pull of the sap to the roots; the slumber of winter, waiting for your spring.

I am the mysterious mother, taking in death, bringing forth you, Life.

I am made to effortlessly take you in, to return all to the depths where creation emerges through this union of light and dark, all that is and is not.

From nothing comes this love, longing for more of itself.

You give forth life as I receive it; the fulfillment of life’s desire.

The spark ignites, and the universe is birthed again.

We each contain the alchemy of water and fire; jing and shen.

Continually creating and dissolving into the void where the one heart pulls us back into existence.

I am the coral reef; you, Life, its spawning.

I receive you as the seed bursts, the shoot emerges, the bud opens and the flower turns its face to the sun, taking you in.

~ poem by Dr Randine Lewis, The Way of the Fertile Soil


Mano de Desierto, The Hand of the Desert is the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal.

Image Credit: Sink or Swim

The Science of Receptivity

In a nutshell, the Science of Receptivity is about finding our place in the world.  With recent advancements in technology and a bit of help from the Cosmos, we are much more able to quickly unfold to the very best of our potential.  Sound a bit far-fetched?  Not really, because as we evolve, individually and collectively, the potential that drives and guides us, quicker and quicker, generation upon generation upon generation, closer to our goal.  As a species, it is our built-in quest to become more of “that which we are”.  And though many have become mired in the grind-a-day world, a portion of humanity, putting its attention to the task at hand, has become exponentially far more useful to the whole. It turns out all is in order and we are moving along very nicely.  We all contribute as best we can and truly what we each contribute is enough.  It is just that some are contributing more than others.~ Source VisionariesLab

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