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Jack of Fangs

December 5, 2010

Antelope Woman, wire sculpture by Elizabeth Berrian

Elizabeth Berrien · World Class Wire Sculpture and Illustration

Graphis Lichen Oracle Card

Mineralarts: Iron and Thorn

Jack of Fangs

Black Cat Society Playing Cards Oracle

Image Credit: Lorena Babcock Moore: Art, Iron & Oracles and The Ironwing Tarot free on-line reading.


Mistaken Identities

December 5, 2010

Twin Water Vortex

Around the turn of the 19th century a brilliant Austrian naturalist and scientist named Victor Schauberger discovered the natural process of water regeneration: the vortex. Mr. Schauberger devoted his life to the study of water and the living energies that it contained. He developed many amazing inventions based on his studies of the vortex or implosion principle of water, including a machine that could levitate.

Image Credit: The Ellis Family

A brief biography could be like this: Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forester who was active during the first half of the 19:th century. He had a huge beard and a friendly laughter, this he combined with an uncompromising belief in himself and his ideas. He was obstinate in combination with a choleric temper. He was a good drawer and probably a skilled craftsman. Even if Viktor was not schooled the academic way he had a deep knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry. His sense and understanding on how water flows in the nature was exceptional. From his observations he formulated his new hydrodynamic basic theory. His friends and opponents described him as highly intelligent and with this intellectual sharpness he made a deep cut in his (and ours) physical paradigm.

Viktor Schauberger made his first tentative efforts during his childhood. His highest wish was to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers and become a forester in the primeval-like forests that could be found in Austria in the end of the 18:th century. During his long walkabouts in the deep forest it was the water that first of all caught his attention. Small creeks and rivers were animated for him. The revolution of the water appeared as much more complex than the established knowledge explained. He meant that the water streams were the blood of the earth, and the smallest deviation in the temperature could be compared to the deviations seen in human blood. Fresh water makes it’s own winding way in the nature and by doing this it builds up an internal movement that gathers more power than the man is able to measure. [Read more at The Swedish Association for New Physics]

Viktor Schauberger looking a lot like the Santa Claus of Miracle on 34th Street