Gaskell Ghosts of Christmas Past

December 6, 2010

For some time, I have been intrigued by the middle name of Gaskell, which appears on my father’s Mancunian side of the family tree. Seems I have found the answer: my great-great-great grandfather on the matrilineal side of my father’s family, were quite likely followers of, or admirers (at least) of the Unitarian Minister William Gaskell.  Whose wife, Elizabeth Cleghorn nee Stevenson wrote a couple of books or three.

Image Credit: Vault of Evil

So my great-great grandfather was named John Gaskell Bentley. My cousins and I are still hoping to find the connection to the Bentleys of Bentley Motors.  If dad’s side is anything like mother’s: we’ll be the bastard descendants from a disinherited line. 




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  1. Gawd yeah, I wish I could find a rich ancestor too. Preferably one about to hop off the twig without any descendants but me to leave his vast estate to.

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