Quick on the Draw

December 8, 2010
911 Memorial

9/11 Memorial, bronze sculpture, Sassona Norton

It was a perfectly round world. It had lush trees and waterfalls, the sounds of exotic birds and frogs. It had what looked to be little people of different colours, with human voices. Little straw huts in which they lived. Then one by one, without warning, the little people were flung from their world, screaming.

“Why did you do that?” I demanded. The reply: “Oh, it’s OK. I can make more people. I like to fling them off the world.”

This last comment was from a 9-year-old boy, thoroughly absorbed in one of the milder computer games on his iPad.

This little child had no idea at all that he was programming his young brain, hard-wiring its neural circuitry to accept a dispensible regard for human life, to accept a power over the life and death and suffering of others, and worse, to achieve enjoyment from killing.

Read more? Our Children, the War Mongers by Kerrie Redgate


Image Credit: The Galloping Beaver

I’ve been pissing in the wind
I chanced a foolish grin
And dribbled on my chin
Now the ground shifts beneath my feet
The faces that I greet never know my name

Just give me something
I’ll take nothing
Just give me something
I’ll take nothing

Now the drought is crippled by the rain
That hammers on my pain
We lose ourselves again
But all we need is to find a place to look
Our worm is on its hook
A love which dangles free
Lets watch it swim against the waters flow
In doubt the courage grows with no guarantee

Just give me something
I’ll take nothing
Just give me something
I’ll take nothing

And so it goes
A moral to the tale
As tortoise catches snail
A strong heart will prevail

It keeps on pumping
It still needs something
Just give it something
I’ll take nothing
Just give it something
To keep it pumping
And I’ll take nothing
Just give me something

~ lyrics Pissing in the Wind, Badly Drawn Boy

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